How Office Space Planning Saves Money On Office Furniture

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October 10, 2018
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People associate office space planning with relocation. Typically, when companies move, they require a space planner to develop an office layout drawing that will show the locations of all their workstations in the new office. While this is an essential element of office moving, it is an equally essential element to effective procurement. All too often, companies purchase new office furniture based upon a cursory, visual inspection of their existing floor space. Because the eyes can play tricks on us all, this visual assessment of available space is seldom sufficient in determining just how much room a company has for office furniture and where new cubicles and office furniture can provide optimal support for workflow.

On the other hand, a professional space planner will be able to make a more accurate assessment of how much floor space you can utilize for your new workstations. He or she will take detailed measurements of each room in your office. The space planner will also examine how your existing furniture, filing, and storage systems are currently configured. Once this analysis is complete, the designer will produce an office layout design drawing that shows where new furniture can be added, and where existing furniture can be moved, to produce a better and more profitable workflow for the organization.

Cubiture offers office space planning at no charge and with no obligation. We feel that good customer service is founding on educating the customer in our products and workflow strategies. Our founder and President, Jerry Mogyorody, is well-known as a man with a passion for education. (“Educate me” is one of his favorite phrases, and it reveals a striking humility and willingness to always learn new things.) Jerry endeavors to share his expertise in office space planning and cubicle furniture design with each customer. He feels that it is just as important for customers to understand his products so that they can make the most informed decision possible.

If you can see how new office furniture will look within your space before you purchase it, and if you can know the essential details of how it performs, you will never experience buyer’s remorse. Your procurement will be guided by knowledge, and your workflow will fall into place with a new configuration that makes the best use of the commercial real estate you depend on to drive your business forward. Call Jerry now.

Office Space Planning – FREE Quote 713-412-0900

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