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November 20, 2018
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Regardless of industry or company size, the conference table plays an invaluable role in your office, and small conference room tables are no exception to this. Much of how your business runs hinges on the discussions that occur at the conference table. Because this is where so many ideas for a project and company goals coalesce and gain momentum, how those ideas are voiced and shared can be facilitated by the nature of this focal piece of furniture. Therefore, selection of the proper table for your needs is not to be made lightly. That also means not to make the hasty decision that “bigger is better,” especially if your conference room that is on the smaller side. The main ingredient to the business meeting is the office employee, which makes them a crucial factor in table selection. If your office is staffed by just a small group of employees or if you find that your conference room is limited in space, then fine-tuning your search to small conference room tables is your best bet for ensuring the full inclusion and comfort of your staff during business meetings.

A small conference room table can be suitable for a small or micro enterprise that’s comprised of just a handful of individuals, or even for a larger firm that uses a team- or project-based organizational structure. Especially if the business is working with a limited budget, this kind of table could be attractive. Small law or design firms, as well as IT and web development organizations, might be good candidates for a smaller table. Typically accommodating 4-6 employees, the dimensions of a small conference room table will change according to its shape. The most common table shape is the rectangle, the small version of which comes in at around 36 inches by 72 inches. A small square conference room table might be about 60 inches on each side, and a small circular table can reach up to 72 inches in diameter. Keep in mind the importance of maintaining a comfortable amount of space around each employee. This space is usually about 30” per person in a business atmosphere and can be applied to a small conference room table as well as a large.

One of the major benefits of a small conference room table is the level of intimacy that can be attained among employees. Not every business meeting held is all-encompassing; sometimes a conference might be limited to only those employees who are on the same project team or in the same department. If a small group of people uses a conference table that’s too large, what would otherwise be an effective meeting is reduced to energy spent yelling and reaching across a lot of table space. There is also the potential for good ideas to get lost in the fray of a large meeting. A small conference room table can help keep a group to a manageable size so that ideas and thoughts are likely to be shared more freely among employees.

Another benefit might be the reduction of central table space by choosing a small conference room table. Other than occasionally accommodating a catered lunch or personal belongings, the center of a conference table is generally neglected, leading to a bunch of wasted space. Rectangular tables tend to be one of the most common shapes for a conference table, as it makes the most efficient use of the typical meeting space. Even circular and square shapes, which tend to have more dead space in their centers, can be more fully utilized when they’re on the small side, while also offering a high level of intimacy to its users.

Small conference room tables may also offer the best solution for when there is no conference room in the office. Landing a conference table in the middle of a floor of individual workstations can make it challenging to maintain a comfortable level of circulation. Holding conferences within earshot of surrounding employees can offer major distractions and disrupt workflow as well. If this is the reality of your business, then choosing the small conference room table can keep the need for extra floor space to a minimum while keeping the number of employees and any related noise down to a manageable level when a meeting is in session. A smaller table is also more flexible to office layout configurations that change over time, allowing for any molecularity and expansion if necessary.

Among all of these advantages of choosing a small conference room table, lower cost is of course not to be overlooked. There are several major drivers of cost when it comes to conference room tables, and those are the size of the table, materials of the table, and other optional features such as integrated AV wiring for representational purposes. It goes without saying that, with all other things equal, the smaller version of a conference room table will be generally less costly than the larger version as less material is used in its production. If lower cost isn’t the initial reason for choosing a small conference room table, it’s definitely a nice perk for small companies that are seeking a quality conference table without breaking the bank.

Our small conference room tables are available in a myriad of materials and styles for all types of conference room applications and can meet a number of diverse parameters. Call Cubiture to discover the perfect solution to your company’s meeting space. No matter what you’re looking for, we can provide you with a high-quality small conference room table that’s guaranteed to be durable, stylish, and affordable.

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