Conference Tables: Bringing Your Team Together

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July 16, 2021

Conference tables are an iconic piece of office furniture and for a good reason! They are often the heart of the workplace, a space where a team of disparate members comes together to work towards a shared purpose.

And in today's working landscape, as more and more people have adjusted to remote work, the conference table is more important than ever in connecting your team, ensuring that everyone is working towards your business goals.

Therefore, the type of conference table you choose can significantly impact the way you conduct your meetings. The modern office design experts at Cubiture will assess your space and help you make an informed decision about the right conference table for you.

It's the Key to Collaboration

A well-equipped conference room is a key collaborative space in any workplace. Your team unites around the conference table, physically, mentally, and conceptually. The decisions made in your meeting room will directly impact the financial prosperity and growth of your company.

You should view the right conference table, an essential tool in your office design toolbox that ensures everyone on your team can contribute meaningfully to problem-solving or brainstorming sessions. A conference room with an ill-fitted table can quickly become wasted space.

In the worst-case scenario, the wrong conference table can actively impede your productivity. If the conference table is too small, you won't bring all the necessary shareholders into the decision-making process.

It may be uncomfortable if it's not fitted for the room, causing focus to wane as the hours' pass. But in the best-case scenario, a conference room furnished with the right table for your office needs becomes a war room where:

  • Energy flows
  • Creative ideas flourish
  • Coworkers are encouraged to break out of their silos to explore different perspectives

It Encourages a Connected Culture

As a result of the pandemic, many people have started to work remotely and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. This modern workplace shift has made the conference table even more important to ensure employees stay meaningfully connected.

Your office may be using video-conferencing technology more often than ever before. A Cubiture conference table will allow your team to easily engage in virtual face-to-face interactions where they can clearly see and hear each other.

This is essential to fostering a connected, cohesive workplace culture. Take a step back from endless, confusing, and disengaging email threads and use your conference table to communicate effectively with your team and clientele.

Does the Size and Shape of a Conference Table Matter?

Cubiture provides the best office design by customizing our approach to every customer. We'll help you choose the right conference table by first assessing the size of your space, the way your office functions, and the goals you have in mind.

If you have a large team, you'll need a table that can accommodate a lot of guests, but if a table is too large, it can make communication difficult. On the other hand, a conference table that is too small can present a lack of personal surface area for laptops and notebooks.

Cubiture takes all of these factors into account and will provide your business with an innovative office solution. Cubiture also offers a variety of conference table shapes. It is important to consider the shape that will best suit the functionality of your gatherings.


The rectangular conference table is classic and usually provides the most efficient use of your space because it will seat the most people. If you plan to use your conference table for executive board meetings more often than team-building exercises, a rectangular conference table may be the right fit for you.

This shape conveys a hierarchy by seating certain guests at the head of the table. This shape is also the easiest table to build, making it the most affordable option for companies on a budget.

U-Shaped or V-Shaped

These shapes create an information-based atmosphere because they focus your guests towards the open side of the table. This is ideal for presentations and video conferencing.

V-shaped conference tables are especially suitable for video conferencing because they allow everyone to see and be seen on camera. If your employees work remotely and in person, this may be the best shape for your office.


Like King Arthur's Round Table, this shape encourages an equitable meeting environment, making it perfect for frequent collaboration and team-building. However, there is one drawback. Round conference tables don't make the best use of space, so they may not be practical for every business.


The oval conference table combines the best features of the rectangular and the round shapes by:

  • Creating a sense of inclusion
  • Seating plenty of guests
  • Maintaining a clear sense of hierarchy

This shape is great for smaller conference areas because it leaves plenty of walk space and legroom.


Finally, Cubiture offers modular conference tables. If you have a small office and use your conference room to blend different tasks, like break-out sessions and personal tasks, a modular conference table may be right for you.

The ability to divide a large table into smaller tables allows more than one group to use the room at any given point in time, facilitating flexible space use. Get the most out of your workspace with a modular conference table.

Let Us Help You Make the Right Choice

Don't let clunky and ill-fitting workspace design hinder your team's flexibility and functionality! Cubiture's experienced room planners will help you get the most out of space. We will help you select the conference table that best suits your individual needs.

Take advantage of our expertise! With a copy of your floor plan, we can combine your preferred table characteristics and size a conference table to fit your room and meeting attendance requirements. Contact Cubiture today at 713-412-0900 for a consultation on picking the best conference table for you!

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Conference Tables: Bringing Your Team Together
Cubiture's experienced room planners will help you get the most out of your conference space by choosing the conference table that best suits your individual needs.

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