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Wooden office cubicles are quite different from the cubicles you normally might see in the office.  They demand our attention with their visual appeal, depending on the species of the wood and the way it’s been utilized.  Wood office cubicles could give a sense of fresh air to your office space, or they can give a heavier presence of tradition and sophistication. However, because of its relatively higher cost, they are often in competition with cheaper materials, such as high-pressure laminates and wood veneers, which give the impression of real wood without the high cost.

The beautiful appearance of wood makes it a common choice for furniture, hence wood office cubicles having a presence in many office buildings.  Due to the higher price points, you’re likely to be concerned about how a wooden office cubicle may fit into your budget.  Therefore, it’s important to think not just of looks but functionality as well.  

The effect that wood has on its users is profound, and many studies have been done on it confirming just how beneficial wood is.  From an experiential, psychological, and physiological perspective, the feeling of wood is softer overall.  Wooden office cubicles contribute to the feeling of warmth, calm, and coziness.  Unlike other materials, such as stainless steel, aluminum, and even plastic, the actual touch of wood doesn’t cause a rise in blood pressure. This may be because of the feelings of safety and proximity to nature that they might feel.  In fact, in a comparison of work spaces that used different materials, those users surrounded by wood décor were reported to have the lowest measured level of stress.  

Even in the school environment, interiors made of natural wood brought down students’ morning stress peak after arriving to school, along with fatigue and the feelings of inefficiency.  This is no doubt be the case with wooden office cubicles, where office employees who likely spend at least a good half of their weekday are surrounded by the walls of their own workstations.  Wood interiors can also affect the way we interact socially. Visitors to an office had a better first impression of the employees when entering offices of predominantly wood.  The employees seemed to be more competent, responsible, successful, and honest in their jobs. This may be a reason why wooden office cubicles and other office furnishings tend to be so popular in industries such as finance or law, where clients want to feel a sense of conservativeness and dependability.  Interestingly enough, imitation wood doesn’t seem to reproduce those positive effects.

Using wood office cubicles can also help improve indoor air quality.  Wood’s ability to absorb and release moisture helps to balance indoor humidity and improves air quality by reducing the need for ventilating your office space and also improving energy efficiency also.  Many individuals who also suffer regularly from allergies believe that wood buildings are the healthiest form of housing for them.  As an antibacterial material, wood prevents the growth of harmful microbes.  Wood also has excellent acoustical properties, as seen in their use for musical instruments, as well as in large halls where concerts or lectures are held.

As mentioned before, simulated wooden office cubicles have become popular as well.  Don’t wait to call us at Cubiture and talk to one of our office furniture experts who can help you find the right wooden office cubicles that look great and operate beautifully while fitting within your budget.  By browsing our wide range of wooden office cubicles, you can get an idea of what it is you need for your business.

Wooden Office Cubicles – FREE Quote 713-412-0900

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