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May 19, 2019

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Did you know that among all the ways that you can specify your workstation, there are still generally different types of office cubicles you can enjoy?  Like many other things, cubicles can fall within certain typologies, depending on how you choose to use them.  

Among the different types of office cubicles you can buy for your employees, try to provide those which are attractive and stylish, though those aren’t the only important dimensions.  Any workstation should also be physically comfortable, designed by ergonomic principles, in order to enhance employee happiness. Using walls and other paneling to control the amount of privacy also contributes to overall morale within the workplace.  Of the different types of office cubicles available, try to find one that is unique to your own company culture.  You may find those that promote collaboration to be perfect for your company if work is team-based, or find ones which emphasize the individual, where concentration and a sense of distance is needed for concentration on solo tasks.  

Cubicles will likely be one of the first major investments you will make for your business, so deciding on which cubicles are the best fit can be a big decision, especially when you have a tight budget.  As a factory direct manufacturer that custom builds furniture of all types, including cubicles, we offer competitive pricing when you decide to purchase different types of office cubicles that are built to your own specifications.  We don’t use re-sellers in order to market our products, and we also own our own fleet of trucks, allowing us to build what you want at just a small portion of what you’d pay for retail.  

With so much variety in the realm of cubicles, it can help to categorize them.  There are many ways to do this. Along with types of cubicles that align with work settings, you can also visualize them in terms of their physical shapes as well as their wall panel materials.  Keeping budget in mind, here are some different types of office cubicles that you may find to be a good addition to your office space:

Professional Cubicles
When you want to think of the typical mid-sized office cubicle, you may be thinking of a professional cubicle, a loose categorization of the different types of office cubicles that can accommodate a great variety of professions.  The reason for this has a lot to do with how you customize those features that support the completion of specific tasks, whether you are an accountant, an engineer, a sales manager, or an attorney.  Because different types of office cubicles have so many different customized features, such as material, size, storage elements, and so on, make sure to assess how you personally do work in your specific industry, so that we can build your professional cubicle to the correct specifications.  

Private Office Cubicles
Of all the different types of office cubicles, this could be considered the ultimate to some.  These cubicles are meant to supplant the traditional drywall offices that tend to characterize the executive workspace.  They may look complicated, but they tend to be simple to build and just as convenient in assembling or disassembling when you need to make use of its relative portability.  The partitions are floor-mounted as any typical cubicle, but much higher walls can be enjoyed—as high as 6’ or 8’ feet, or all the way to the ceiling—so glass inserts as “office windows” are a common way to break up the feeling of confinement.  Still, these different types of office cubicles are excellent for maximizing privacy when you need to focus on high-stakes work or partake in important meetings.

L-Shaped Cubicles

These cubicles could be a refreshing change from their more confining 3- or 4-sided counterparts.  They tend to work as a good balance between a sense of insulation and that of openness as well as accessibility.  You can find L-shaped cubicles that are easy to assemble and budget-conscious, and both short and tall panels look attractive with this shape.

Circular Cubicles
Despite the exciting, stylish, and modern form that the circular cubicle takes, you may not have come across one very often, at least not as part of the general office landscape.  This is likely because, among the different types of office cubicles that are categorized by size, it’s not the most practical form, particularly from a space standpoint.  It does tend to be a visually pleasing choice for users and can give the illusion of more space. That, coupled with its unique and creative shape, could be a great addition to an office that places emphasis on creativity and innovation, especially when limited floor space isn’t a concern.

High-Walled Cubicles
Different types of office cubicles can be categorized by panel height, an important characteristic for any type of cubicle due to its role in controlling level of desired privacy.  You may have an employee that only feels comfortable in a private space that promotes concentration to complete daily work. When a conventional room can’t be provided for these employees, a high-walled workstation is a convenient, cost-efficient, and effective alternative.

Low-Walled Cubicles

Are you looking to encourage collaboration among employees, such as those who work in teams or on creative projects?  Low walls promote interaction between people, especially when just they need a healthy break in the workday. Along with the reduced visual privacy is the reduced acoustical privacy as well.

Whether or not you view different types of office cubicles in the context of the above categories, Cubiture is expert at building workstations that are perfect for your workplace.  Additionally, we warranty all types of office cubicles for parts and labor, and we can use our own fleet of trucks to deliver and install your cubicles for free.  Give us a call today!

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