How Can Car Dealerships Utilize Folding Large Room Dividers?

How Can Car Dealerships Utilize Folding Large Room Dividers?
January 23, 2019


Large room dividers offer car dealerships the opportunity to organize space according to its activities, possibly reminding one of the old adages, “Form follows function.” Car dealerships are massive complexes that facilitate many operations at once, so often times it may help to employ large room dividers to match their scale while organizing and guiding the activities of employee and customer alike.

Of all the goings-on in a typical car dealership, it can easily be said that the heart and soul of the business is sales. Sales agents are constantly active, greeting customers, walking them through the showroom floor to show them the most popular display models, and coordinating with fellow sales agents and management personnel. While it’s important to maximize views of the display models with little visual interruption, strategic placement of large room dividers can actually help in some cases. Separating the sales showroom cannot only help visually reinforce its central role in the dealership but it also can direct the potential buyer away from the less glamorous activities of price negotiation, financing, and service for repairs. Large room dividers also offer protection from the transmission of environmental noise, allowing sales agent and customer to have each other’s full attention. Our large room dividers are designed with noise control in mind for excellent acoustical performance.

Aside from the core sales area, the separation of other areas from each other might be necessary also. The finance section is also very busy throughout the day, handling not only vehicle sales but also service orders and even activities related to procurement. Being able to communicate effectively amid the hustle and bustle beyond the desk is important and large room dividers can help to separate this zone of offices particularly from the service area.

Speaking of the service area, most dealerships feature them and do so as a cluster of loosely divided spaces that consist of the lobby and cashier area where customers wait for vehicle maintenance and repair. They also have waiting and break areas where customers can get food and drinks and even watch TV as they wait for repairs. Large room dividers not only keep all of these areas separate, but they also help direct foot traffic from one section of the dealership to the next and, even more importantly, keep customers safe. Large room dividers can discourage customers from walking into the garage where cars are being serviced and where only service technicians and other specialized personnel are allowed to go. Our portable models can be arranged and rearranged at will to adapt to the number of persons visiting the dealership.

One of the biggest large room dividers we carry is an impressive wall-mounted, sliding partition that travels on floor-based casters for smooth movement. Because it’s available up to 12 feet high and up to nearly 16’ feet wide, this is a great solution for car dealerships, since their grand interiors consist of high ceilings and wide openings. As massive as this large room divider is, it’s a lower-cost alternative to the systems that employ a track-mounted accordion door while allowing you to bypass the need for a track system. You can even mount two large room dividers opposite each other in a single opening if necessary, for a total of 31 feet of divided space! If looking to adapt this divider to a smaller space, other possible heights to choose from are 8’-5 ¼” and 10 ¾”. Aside from the maximum width of 15’7”, you can also choose possible widths of 6’10”, 9’9”, and 12’8”. Even despite its extra-large size, to help it operate smoothly this large room divider features a unique, flexible system of hinges that allow for vertical movement of its individual panels over more uneven territory.

The many room dividers and partitions Cubiture has to offer are often engineered to provide quality noise control, and this large room divider is no exception. Manufactured with a fiberglass core, this divider helps to dampen transmitted noise while also transforming your space. There are 25 different colors available, from vibrant and enthusiastic to more calm and sedate. You’re bound to find a color that will complement the interior design or branding of your dealership, or just use it to add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral space.

Give Cubiture a call to see what space solutions we have available to you. We can help you every step of the way in selecting and purchasing large room dividers that best suit your car dealership. No matter what you decide, your purchases will always be shipped free. Contact us today!

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