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June 12, 2019

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Here at Cubiture, we offer our customers an extensive range of services, and bringing custom made office furniture to offices of all kinds is by no means the least of them. There are as many businesses as there are individual personalities, so we stay flexible in how we can accommodate your tastes and your business needs as you specify the perfect furnishings for your own office.

Office space is a reality in any business venture that’s out there. Whether you work remotely from home, share a co-working space, head a boutique firm, or run a full-fledged corporate branch, you have a physical space whose elements are important in bringing a pleasant ambience to your and your employees’ work day. This is a quality that is easily accomplished through custom made office furniture.

Now more than ever, people are expressing the details of their individuality in the many aspects of their lives, whether in terms of personal style in their own home or functional need in the workplace. Naturally, the demand for purchases to conform to the idiosyncrasies of their users will begin to emerge in the workplace as well. In the office furniture industry, the trend by manufacturing companies to offer custom made office furniture has seen a healthy increase.

People might often overlook the impact that office furniture has on quality of work produced within. Poor lighting can cause you to strain your eyes, so including LED task lighting is a must in a case like that. Too few storage features in your workstation can mean piles of work that clutter your desk surface, yet too many storage features can be reduce important workspace as well. With custom made office furniture, these and many more features can be specified to maximize work efficiency.

Custom made office furniture is furniture that’s designed and built per the specifications of its user. In deciding the specifications, it’s a good idea for you to consider every aspect of the way your company and employees operate, so you’re your office furniture can be responsive to your needs.

Are you looking for a set of furniture that projects your company branding or which conveys a certain sense of style? Are you looking to furniture to more closely reflect your particular office culture and workflow? Are you looking to reduce potential injury in the office by investing in ergonomically designed pieces? Any or all of these might be important to you, and ordering custom made office furniture is the perfect decision to simultaneously address all these issues.

Your preferences can range from luxurious, plush seating for waiting rooms to ergonomically designed chairs that maximize user comfort for up to eight hours a day. That isn’t all that custom made office furniture suppliers offer either. Full-fledged workstations are by no means off-limits, nor are any other types of furniture that you’d find in the typical office setting. Take workstations for example.

Our L-shaped workstation evokes a raw yet stylish appeal, with its rustic wood surface and industrial steel frame. This is a great workstation for larger offices, where employees can spread out even when their workstations are clustered together in twos, fours, sixes, or more. Like other custom made office furniture, this L-shaped workstation comes in a number of different size options, including predetermined sizes such as 24”x60”, 24”x72”, 30”x60”, and 30”x72”. Two- to ten-person units are available for when you find that collaboration within a department or a project team is crucial to the success of your business.

Choose from seven different stains for the 1.75” solid maple wood slab desktop, from the lighter “Natural” to a medium “Walnut” to a deep, rich “Ebony.” Separation screens can help to preserve a semblance of privacy with your custom made office furniture as workers stay on task at workstations adjacent to one another.

You can choose from ones that are sheet metal or perforated metal. Desks can also come with modesty panels, and the cross-braced frame at each end can be left open or closed. You can always add a new dimension to office tasks by including sit/stand returns. This way, your employees can incorporate a healthy level of activity into their workdays in order to increase physical health and reduce mental fatigue.

With Cubiture, you can push your creative urge to the limit to create an office environment that you can enjoy aesthetically as well as functionally. Contact us in a free consultation to see just how we can bring you custom made office furniture that will suit the uniqueness of your company and employees. Keep in mind that with every purchase you place, you’ll receive free shipping. Give us a call today!

Custom Made Office Furniture – Free Quote – 713-412-0900

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