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March 8, 2018
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Populations are shifting all over the country.  Communities that witnessed an exodus of locals a decade ago are now seeing some of them return.  New residents are also moving in, creating an increase in traffic in healthcare waiting rooms.  Tandem seating provides an excellent solution for this influx of new patients.  It allows a small doctor's office or medical clinic to double its waiting room area by configuring groups of chairs around tables.  Stacking chairs can be placed along walls to handle overflow seating, providing every patient who enters the room with a place to sit.

Tandem seating configurations, such as the one shown above, feature a simplicity and durability that are ideal for high traffic environments.  Resting on a tubular all-steel frame, chairs like this can be fitted with tamper proof fasteners for use in pediatric facilities or mental health centers.  Seat cushions and backrests are designed for maximum comfort, providing just enough personal space for each seated individual.  Tables like the ones shown in the picture are complimentary with certain models.  Weight capacities are 350 pounds for standard models and 750 pounds for bariatric models.

Tandem seating offers a variety of material and color options.  Metal tube frames can be stylized with black, platinum, tungsten, and toast.  Armcaps can be made from black self-skinned urethane or wood.  Seat options include a variety of low back and high back models that will accommodate persons of all ages, weights, and heights.  For times of extremely high traffic, such as the 2017-2018 flu season, certain models can be ordered with rear casters that allow staff to reconfigure waiting room seating at a moment's notice.  Wall saver legs are another popular feature for very cramped lounge areas that require chairs to be placed against the baseboards of room walls.

While very simple in overall design, tandem seating offers a high level of comfort. Most models feature backs and cushions made from  Ultracell bio-foam.  Some models also come with a coordinating bench and ottoman so that patients with foot and leg problems can recline comfortably while waiting.  Field replaceable parts make repairs fast, easy, and cost-effective for smaller facilities.  Everything from lobbies to rural emergency rooms can benefit from the space-saving advantages of tandem seating.

Cubiture provides free space planning services with every quote, so simply email our team a copy of your floor plan.  We can create an efficient arrangement of style and comfort like the one shown above, and we can accommodate the budget of the smallest rural healthcare facilities.

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