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June 22, 2020

Office furniture sneeze guards can be found all over the Internet.  They emerged on the market back in April when talks first began of reopening key segments of American business.  The original sneeze panels were mostly configured for use in transaction areas. Retail stores, medical reception centers, and government offices installed protective panels made from plexiglass or acrylic panels in their point of sale areas.  These solid panes were built with a small transaction window at the bottom that allowed customers and cashiers to slide currency or credit cards back and forth. Office buildings, however, found these panels insufficient for most desk environments.  A single pane of glass is fine for a point of sale area, but it does not offer protection on either side of the desk.  A different design was needed for L-shaped desks, sit-stand desks, and lobby reception centers.  Cubiture recognized this need even before we began to receive calls on these products.  We realize that a person sitting at a desk or a work table would need an office furniture sneeze guard that offered protection on all sides.

Our proprietary Clear Panel Containment System (CPCS) does just that. It is custom built to fit the boundaries of the desk or the table.  WIth an L-Shaped desk, the CPCS is also built with an L-Shape that matches the length and width of the desk.  The standard height for an L-Shaped CPCS is 24 inches. This offers plenty of protection on the side and in the front for a sitting person.  For sit-stand desks and work tables, office furniture sneeze guards are built with three sides to offer protection on both sides of the worker as well as in the front.  The sit-stand CPCS measures 36 inches in height to offer full protection for workers who like to set their desks at the lowest possible height.  

We are now on our sixth generation of our CPCS.  The design evolved rapidly with demand as we began to receive calls from existing customers and from businesses who had found us on the Internet.  We experimented with plexiglass and acrylic office furniture sneeze guards, but we really didn’t like the look and feel of either.  Our brand is known for blending design and functionality, so we decided early on that tempered glass would offer a much better presentation than typical acrylic or plexiglass.  

Tempered glass is very hard to scratch or break, and it is easy to clean.  The glass panes we use to construct our office furniture sneeze guards measure ¼ inch in thickness.  Only a very powerful impact can break this glass, and that is unlikely in the typical office environment.  Nevertheless, to safeguard against the possibility of either vandalism or an unusual accident, our glass panes are designed to disintegrate into beads rather than break into shards.  Car windshields and windows are designed in this fashion for driver safety in the event of an accident.

The Cubiture CPCS is also designed with the integrity of your furniture in mind.  The system is heavy enough to rest solidly on its own weight.  No screws or mounting brackets are required to hold it in place.  We know this crisis will eventually pass, and businesses will no longer need office furniture, sneeze guards. At that time, the CPCS can be removed and stored or recycled, and the office furniture that supported will retain its resale value because the work surface has not been marred.  Call now to get a free office design drawing that shows what your custom office furniture sneeze guards will look like with your current office layout.   Contact us today.

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