Office Furniture Cleaning and Disinfecting Services – What to Know

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January 29, 2021

You may have seen Cubiture’s office steam cleaning video.  If so, you know that we use a device with a nozzle similar to a vacuum cleaner that ejects steam directly onto cubicle partition fabrics.  This immediately removes dirt and stains, making the fabric look like new.  

Since the pandemic began, Cubiture has integrated additional steps to disinfect workstation surfaces after professionally cleaning them.  These steps are very important, because cleaning and disinfection are two separate things, and both are essential to office COVID safety.   

When Cubiture cleans a surface, we remove impurities and dirt with soap or detergent mixed with water.  This removes dirt and reduces the number of germs but does not necessarily kill them.  Infection risk is lessened, but not eliminated.  Disinfecting takes cleaning one step further.  It uses chemicals to kill germs. These chemicals do little, however, to remove dirt from surfaces.  Therefore, we typically clean a surface first to restore the aesthetics, then disinfect it to kill any remaining germs.  

We strongly recommend cleaning and disinfecting your workstations for two reasons.  The first is the actual substance of your work surfaces.  While these workstations may be cleaned easily with soap and water, COVID and other contagions may still linger on their surfaces in sufficient amounts to pose a health risk to the next person who touches them. 

Most office furniture materials were developed prior to the pandemic. While they were rigorously tested for cleaning, they weren’t tested for disinfection.  Your staff may inadvertently damage your partitions or desk surfaces by using a disinfectant that discolors the surface or mars its finish.  There is no way to know how a particular surface will react to certain chemicals without testing. 

With the current emphasis on workplace safety detailed on sites such as the CDC, manufacturers are scrambling to test all their materials to see which disinfecting agents can be used safely without damaging your workstations in the process.  

Cubiture maintains active relationships with over 400 manufacturers, ranging from small local businesses to internationally known brand names.  Once we know who manufactured your table, chair, desk, or cubicles, we can work with the factory to learn which disinfectants will work best on its surface(s).  

A second reason to hire our office furniture cleaning crew is our focus on staying current via continuous education, and teaching our customers how to stay safe. We know that we cannot be at your office every day to keep it safe for human occupancy.  Agencies such as the CDC continuously update their websites with the latest advisements on workplace COVID safety.  

These safety measures are steps that every individual must take to keep the workplace as healthy as possible.  Cubiture’s role in this is to advise your staff on the best strategies for cleaning and disinfecting your cubicles, chairs, desks, and tables.  We will teach your employees what methods and chemicals to use, how often to apply them, and where you can affordably purchase them.  

Cubiture experts examine each workstation to identify which materials or surfaces, if any, represent a challenge to disinfect.  If requested, we can quickly replace these workstation components with alternatives that can be easily disinfected and cleaned.  These steps will go a long way toward minimizing the risk of COVID transmission in the office.  

Cubiture does more than simply sell office furniture and cubicles.  We actively repair, clean, and disinfect our products to ensure maximum performance, ergonomic support, and worker health and safety.  We educate our customers to help them get the most of their office furnishings, and we offer free space planning to generate optimal workflow configurations, resulting in improved productivity.  Call us now for a free evaluation of your workstation cleaning and disinfecting requirements.  The result will be improved peace of mind and improved efficiency .  

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