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May 21, 2018
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Professional office cubicles like this defy the cubicle stereotype that so many people continue to hold in mind. Several things distinguish workstations like these from what we normally visualize when we think about standard cubicles. The most notable feature here is the complete absence of a fourth partition. This allows complete access to the interior of the workstation. A configuration like this is ideal for an engineering company–where a very quiet office is the norm–that wants to save on costs to create individual work areas in a semi-open concept environment.

Another very interesting feature that distinguishes these professional office cubicles are the low partitions walls. While these are floor mounted partitions, the vertical impact above the desk area is equivalent to that of many desk-mounted cubicle panels. Smaller partitions create a much more open atmosphere for the person sitting inside the cubicle. They allow a great deal more natural and office light to enter the interior, and they minimize the feeling of barriers between coworkers. The glass inserts at the tops of the panels further magnify this sense of openness. They allow nearly 100 percent visibility into the interior, and they eliminate the need for artificial task lighting within the workstation itself.

While glass can be pricy, the use of less expensive fabric (which you will see at the bottoms of the panels if you look closely) helps reduce the overall cost of each partition. Technically these workstation require only two full-sized floor mounted panels. The wall replaces the need for a back panel, driving costs down further and also maximizing usable floor space with innovative office space planning. Should these cubicles ever be moved to another location, a rear panel and partial front panel (with or without a door) can quickly be mounted to these professional office cubicles.

Desking systems in professional office cubicles can be made from laminate or wood veneer. This particular group of workstations was built with laminate desks. The laminate provides a basic–yet also noticeable–compliment to the glass to generate a clean, almost Spartan contemporary look. Cubiture has built workstations like this for law firms, CPA's , draftsmen, and petroleum engineers in offices where phone calls were kept to a minimum, employees were highly focused, and the need for insulation minimal due to the overall absence of distracting offices noises.

Call Cubiture now for a free office design layout drawing. We will custom design your professional office cubicles to compliment both your workflow and your environment. We will meet your budget by selling directly from our factory and delivering your workstations to your office free of additional charges.

Professional Office Cubicles – FREE Quote 713-412-0900

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