Office Space Planning for COVID-19 Safety

Space Planning For Covid-19
January 7, 2021

Space Planning For Covid-19Cubiture’s free office space planning service revolves around employee safety.  We design workflow solutions that support social distancing.  We install cubicles, desks, and tables that are easy for users to clean, and we create protective barriers that shield employees who interact with others throughout the day.

The first order of business is to build smaller workstations that can be placed at least 6 feet apart.  Our designers are experts in ergonomics who create very compact cubicles while maintaining employee comfort.  

Our ergonomic seating solutions offer superior support for the legs, back, and neck.  C-shaped and U-shaped desks provide more work area in smaller spaces and eliminate the strain of having to reach for everything.  Glass partition inserts diffuse natural light into the interior and promote a feeling of life and optimism.

While these strategies protect workers while they are seated, additional measures must be taken to protect workers who frequently leave their desks.  Employees seated with their backs to a transit area till face the risk of COVID-19 transmission. If unknowingly infected individuals cough or sneeze while passing by, germs can easily travel through the air and infect others.  

Cubiture’s solution is to design workflows where office personnel sit with their backs toward a barrier so colleagues cannot approach them from behind. Our expert office space planners use a variety of sliding walls and portable dividers in a range of colors to coordinate with any style of office interior design.  Different size options allow space planners to position them in any walkway, service area, corner, or lobby.

To further protect employee health, our office space planning experts also guide material selection.  Virtually all COVID-19 safety guidelines include tips on how to keep surfaces as clean as possible.  Because of this, we strongly recommend that companies only purchase surface materials that can quickly be cleaned by the user.  Any material that requires expensive, special cleaners, or one that must be cleaned by the custodial crew, increases the health risk.  

Fortunately, Cubiture has access to hundreds of attractive, durable materials that are easy to disinfect with soap and water, or with standard cleaners that can be picked up at any local retailer.  We offer attractive laminates and glass inserts that are scratch-resistant. 

While we all know to wear masks, it is a fact that people will often adjust them with their hands throughout the day and, in doing so, spread pathogens to anything they touch.  Therefore, we recommend that every employee wipe down his or her workstation any time a coworker touches the partition panels, desk surface, or storage compartments.  It is neither rude nor paranoid to acknowledge that anyone could have picked up COVID-19 without knowing it and currently be asymptomatic.   

To maximize office safety, Cubiture also installs tempered glass cough shields to protect those who do not work in cubicles. Because many of these desks simply cannot be fitted with partitions, our office space planners design transparent barriers that surround seated employees.  These cough shields are easy to clean and very difficult to break.  They rest securely under their own weight and require no screws, bolts, or brackets to install.  

Because Cubiture stands committed to protecting the health of our customers, office space planning is free to any organization that requests a quote.  Call us now and let us help you get started on a safe, clean, and secure new path to better health and ultimate prosperity in 2021.

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