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November 30, 2017
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Complimentary Office Space Cubicle Dimension CAD Drawings
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Office cubicle dimensions are easy for Jerry to calculate.  He breaks everything down to the basics, and then he designs from the ground up.  Jerry knows that any cubicle system, regardless of its size, appearance, or constitution, consists of only a handful of components.  Every workstation rests on some type of frame and contains a desk area at which the employee works.  Every workstation also has some type of dividers that create a personal work environment for the employee.  Most cubicles also have some type of built-in storage in which the employee stores supplies and personal belongings.

The physical size of these components depends mostly on the nature of the work they support.  For instance, an employee who spends most of his or her time on the phone will need cubicle partitions that are tall enough to create an enclosed space that blocks out the majority of background noise.  More than likely, such an individual will be logging information into a computer as he or she talks on the phone.  There will be very little paperwork involved in these tasks, so the desk area only needs to be large enough for a monitor, a keyboard, and a phone.  In almost every case, office cubicle dimensions for these workstations tend toward the compact end of the spectrum.  This allows room for scalable, future growth as sales increase and more employees join the sales and customer service teams.

In other departments, however, you may have people who avoid talking on the phone at all costs because their particular responsibilities involve long periods of focused calculations or intricate design work.  These individuals will need larger desk areas to support multiple computer monitors, a printer, and filing systems for hardcopies they produce.  If these desks are linear, office cubicle dimensions will be proportionally larger than cubicles built to support phone work.  However, this might not be an option in offices already challenged with increasingly limited space.  In such cases, Jerry may recommend doubling up desk area with U-shaped or L-shaped work surfaces housed within much smaller cubicle frames.

Jerry's free space planning services prove invaluable to companies who are facing the pressure to grow without the option of moving to a larger office.  By personalizing office cubicle dimensions for each new hire, Jerry can configure workstation clusters around departmental workflow demands.  By building these workstations in his own factory and delivering them straight to the office in his own trucks, he can actually build custom cubicle systems that cost less than online retail counterparts.

Do not hesitate to call Jerry if you are hiring new people and need places to seat them.  Send a floor plan for evaluation, or schedule a walkthrough of your office.  You won't be disappointed.

Complimentary Office Space Cubicle Dimension CAD Drawings 

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