Improve Your Office Design with Room Dividers and Cubicle Walls

Office Design with Room Dividers and Cubicle Walls
April 9, 2021

If you are seeking efficient and affordable ways to redesign your office, improving the acoustics, or adding privacy, Cubiture has the right solutions with a wide range of room dividers and cubicle walls.


1. Diverse and Affordable Office Cubicles

Imagine your business has a short-term project that requires small conference rooms for meetings, but your workspace is limited. Adding additional space might require construction or increased leasing costs. If workplace optimization is your goal, you need to look into office room dividers.

Room dividers are cost-effective, highly functional, and diverse. With the right partition, it’s possible to create brand new spaces, giving you the best return on investment for your workplace redesign efforts.

At Cubiture, we offer a wide selection of room dividers that includes new and remanufactured cubicle walls, sliding partitions, panels, screen dividers, and other customized options. Furthermore, they are flexible, easy to install, often portable, and retractable. And with a large selection of colors and fabrics to choose from, these dividers can quickly are customizable according to your space and style.


2. Sound Absorption and Privacy Cubicle Walls

Privacy is essential for every business to ensure that sensitive information doesn’t leak into the broader workplace. For this reason, private areas like conference rooms and offices can be acoustically secured with the addition of walls. But sometimes, businesses are restricted by work area size or leasing contracts.  So how do you fix this issue to offer the necessary privacy as well as comfort to your employees and customers?

Cubiture can help with that. Our portable office cubicles offer both visual and sound privacy with plenty of options to choose from. Our highly configurable cubicle partitions offer privacy in either two-inch-thick fiberglass acoustical panels or ribbed fabric backed with thick foam foundations.

With this affordable and flexible option, your workspace benefits from sound-blocking and sound-absorbing qualities in addition to visual privacy.


3. Office Interior Design, Space Optimization, and Department Divisions

Office space dividers are excellent solutions for new and growing businesses. Companies have used our multi-purpose room dividers to create an additional workspace for new hires. In addition to optimizing their workplace layout for increased productivity.

Regardless of your company’s size, Cubiture can help maximize your square footage and enhance your overall workplace design and layout by creating individual workstations.

With the use of room partitions, workplaces are easily divided by departments, density, or projects. At the same time, employees may occupy their workstations, stand-alone, or cluster as needed.


4. COVID-19 Safety and Sneeze Guards

Finally, it's timely and highly important to prepare your workplace to meet the CDC’s recommended COVID -19 safety protocols to protect your employees and customers.

There are many options available to help your business follow these guidelines. Cubiture’s solutions include tall cubicle walls, corner dividers, glass shields, and partitions to maintain natural light, portable, folding partitions, sanitation stations and sneeze guards.


Schedule Your On-Site Consultation

At Cubiture, our experts will help you choose between the multiple solutions available to address your specific needs.  Contact us today for a complimentary design solution made especially for you.


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