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January 14, 2019
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When looking for new office space, or simply looking to revamp your existing one, room dividers can be essential when you need to create new work-spaces. Regardless of the size of your office or general work area, Cubiture room dividers will definitely help you make the best of the space that is or will be available to you. You can design and create a conference room for impromptu meetings or provide privacy for particular tasks in a matter of minutes.

Our portable partitions make it economically possible to create private enclosures as well as various types of meeting spaces that not only absorb and contain sound but also let in light. Room dividers provide flexibility for changing the configuration of the office layout and facility of storage when not in use.

One of our most popular do-it-all room dividers features specially designed hinges that will allow for a full rotation of 360 degrees. This kind of flexibility makes for practically unlimited options in terms of the design of your office space, no matter how challenging your circumstances. Our straight wall partitions, however, maintain their straight length regardless of how long they are, and they can even be used as sliding doors between workstations.

Maybe your employees require their own private workstations in order to devote full focus to their daily tasks, or it may be more appropriate to organize employees into collaborative clusters. In either case, a room divider can offer a solution to your zoning requirements

Whether mobile or stationary, portable or wall-mounted, our room dividers come in a variety of colors, designs, and materials. One of our more popular models features acrylic windows above a black fabric panel that not only lets in light but also absorbs sound at a rate of 0.65 NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient).

These dividers are perfect for when you need a quiet and well-lit work area to stay on task with a minimum of distractions. Room dividers are easy to assemble and easy to store.  They are great for creating impromptu office areas. You can design and construct a variety of configurations, ranging from “L” shaped angles to curving “C” shapes as well as straight lines.

The possibilities for configuration as well as reconfiguration are virtually limitless.  Depending on the type of material and location, your room divider can also take on the role as a personal or office-wide message board for such items as memos and calendars, as well as popular take-out menus or your child’s artwork.

We here at Cubiture pride ourselves on featuring economically priced room dividers that are known for being as durable as they are stylish. Lightweight aluminum frames provide the sturdiness without the bulk and weight of heavy steel partitions, and our low-profile casters offer more stability and less wobble than our competitors’ spring-based casters.

Our polycarbonate partitions, which come in both clear plastic and translucent colors, are both shockproof and spray-cleanable. We also offer a variety of opacities depending upon your need for privacy.

We also offer portable canvas room dividers for the more economically minded. The fabrics are both lightweight and durable, easy on the budget, and make portability a breeze to either bring out, move around, or tuck away in storage until the need for them arises again.

Be sure to make Cubiture your go-to provider for room dividers and much, much more! Our experts can help you to determine which dividers would work best in creating new office spaces at your company. Call Cubiture today!

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