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August 1, 2022

The first impression of your business and office is made as soon as someone walks through your front door. The office design is either modernly fresh or classically familiar. It’s either spacious and organized or tight and cluttered. Clients and potential customers make their first assumption of what service they will receive from your business, just by looking at the office design.  This is the effect that an office space can have on representing a brand. 

Make the Best Impression with the Best Business Office Furniture  

 At the core of this dynamic is the business office furniture design. The design of the office is a direct representation of the company. Therefore, choosing the right business furniture for your office is important. Additionally, executive furniture is designed for leadership and authority and it is also something to be carefully considered. The right executive furniture in the office not only sets the tone for customers but for employees as well. Your company sets itself apart in a way that demands respect and order.  

 Discover the Best Furniture with Cubiture  

 If you are in need of a first-time design set-up or renovation of your business space, Cubiture is your one-stop office furniture resource. Cubiture knows what it takes for each business to create a great office design that will be the best representation of your company.  

 Choosing the Right Executive Furniture 

 When referring to executive furniture, most people think about the type of furniture that is used for employees with a high position. Managers, CEOs, and business executives prefer having high quality furniture as it reflects the importance of their position in the company.  When you walk into an office, you should be able to tell which office spaces are more exclusive than others. 

  Your leadership style may be one of inclusivity, but your office set-up, including furniture, should be marked by a style different than that of the common employee. Without having to use words, an executive office space should distinguish your position in the company, setting it aside from the rest. 

 When selecting the right office furniture there are two styles of executive furniture to choose from. Classic furniture will be the ageless styles that has survived the history of office furniture and it still maintains popularity. Modern furniture is contemporary and quickly evolving to match the style of modern times. Both are great in their own ways, but deciding between the two different types includes budget and functionality. 

Classic & Modern Executive Furniture 

 Classic office furniture tends to be bigger in size and is best suited for large spaces. This includes the classic wood finish, and a desk that is heavy and durable.  

 Modern furniture is designed for smaller, compact spaces with more straight lines and edges, minimal design, and more focus on functionality. 

 Let’s find out more about the differences between choosing classic or modern executive furniture.  

 Choosing the Right Desk 

 The desk is the centerpiece of the room and serves as the primary work area for most office workers. Choosing the right desk is very important because this is where you will spend the most time while at work. Also, this will be the primary space if a client or coworker needs to discuss something with you.  

 A classic desk will be big and have a lot of space. Furthermore, it is made out of top-quality solid wood. Also, it will have everything you need at the touch of a finger. Meaning that you will have more room, and therefore will have your office supplies at your desk.  Classic desks have a lot of drawers and storage space for personal items, or important work documents. An executive desk does add the feeling of having more privacy since it’s very large and usually isn’t close to other coworkers.  

 A modern desk is minimal and it often has nothing more than flat counter space. This contemporary look is clean, spacious, and very stylish. However, you will have to get up continuously to get to the other resources you need around the office, as there isn’t any storage space. Even though there are no drawers for most modern desks, there are options to add a storage system if necessary.  A modern desk has a very simple design, but you can choose from all shapes and sizes. The popularity of modern desks has increased as more businesses are choosing a contemporary office design.  

Selecting the Best Chairs for Your Office  

The classic chair is going to be something standard, high-backed, and sturdy. These chairs are meant to last. Classic, tall leather office chairs are still a very popular choice. One thing that wasn’t necessarily a priority when the first office chairs came out was back support. Over the years, more modern chair designs have made back consideration part of the design element. Nowadays, classic office chairs take into consideration the importance of back support, as well.  

 Modern chairs are much more basic than the classic executive chair. Modern chairs come in low styles, pub styles, and some designs that don’t look too much different than a basic stool. Many of them offer low backing or no back at all.  If you need to save space, then a sleek, minimal chair is ideal. 

A Bookcase Can Optimize Your Office Space  

 If you have the office space, a bookcase with a classic touch will most likely be free-standing. This will be a good idea especially for offices that use reference books for their work. This works well if there is a communal collection of books that everyone in the office will use from time to time. Otherwise, a smaller, modern bookcase design can be more practical. 

 A modern bookcase style can be something as simple as a floating shelf near your desk or a cubicle drawer set on top of a desk area. This doesn’t have to be elaborate, but it is a way to organize important books or information that’s referenced in the workday. 

Adding More Storage & Filing Cabinets 

 Classic storage cabinets can somewhat resemble a kitchen, but only with office supplies. Usually, these are in a common space like a storage room so that everyone can access them as needed. A classic filing cabinet is free-standing and can be stacked to accommodate all your storage needs. These also can be stored in a common supply area.  

 More modern storage cabinets and file systems are small enough to fit into a personalized workspace, providing extra privacy while taking up minimal space. For example, under a desk is a common space for important files. However, installing a free-standing cabinet in every workspace can help alleviate the need to walk to the common supply room. 

 Cubiture is the Best Choice for Your Executive Furniture Needs 

 With the right design, your office can look and feel the way you want your brand to convey your services.  You can make the most out of your office and create an optimal business furniture design, no matter how big or small the office is.   

 Executive furniture needs to stand out and distinguish itself from the rest of the office. Your office furniture is a key element to establishing a role of leadership and authority that an executive should expect.  Now is the best time to evaluate your executive office needs. Cubiture provides the best quality furniture and customer service.  

 Contact us today to transform your ordinary workspace into a top executive status.  

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