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Used Office Workstations – Refurbished by Jerry – Delivered for Free FR-12387

December 8, 2017 0 Comments
RE-Manufactured Office Workstation For Sale Factory Direct

If you are hiring new people or moving to a new location, Jerry can save you a lot of money by installing used office workstations that have been refurbished in his factory.   This facility, located in Northwest Houston, is the heart and soul of  Fully equipped for custom cubicles manufacturing, repair, and reconditioning, it […]

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Pre-Owned Office Furniture Systems For Sale – HM-204

October 24, 2016 0 Comments
Used Office Furniture Systems For Sale In Houston, Tx.

You and your office manager have decided it's time to change your office furniture systems for a different system. However, you've decided that, instead of buying a new system, you're going to look for a second hand office furniture system. Take a few precautions before making your final decision. Ask Questions If you find an […]

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What To Know When Buying Used Office Cubicles HM-2015

June 7, 2016 0 Comments
Used Office Cubicles

How To Buy Cubicles & Save Money Today EPA estimates suggest that 3 million tons of used office furniture is dumped into landfills every year. Not only does this add to an already growing waste disposal problem, but it also requires manufacturers to expend additional energy and raw materials producing new office furniture. Repurposing used office […]

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