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December 8, 2017
Refurbished Used Office Workstations For Sale

Used Office Workstations For Sale – FREE Quote 713-412-0900

If you are hiring new people or moving to a new location, Jerry can save you a lot of money by installing used office workstations that have been refurbished in his factory.   This facility, located in Northwest Houston, is the heart and soul of  Fully equipped for custom cubicles manufacturing, repair, and reconditioning, it allows Jerry to design custom workflow solutions at major discount prices.  With plenty of storage space and a fleet of Cubiture trucks, Jerry can deliver directly to any customer in the United States without the extraneous costs third-party warehousing or freight.

Jerry understands that the number one reason people buy used office workstations is price.  He is more than willing to work with your budget, which is why he offers such a vast range of material options.  Veneers, laminates, and panel fabrics feature a diversity of grades that represent low-end, mid-range, and high-grade purchase points.   He will work directly with your team to help you choose the best functional and aesthetic features that fit your budget.  He can then have his team recondition those used office workstations that are best suited to your business model, corporate culture, and workflow requirements.

Jerry always has an abundance of used cubicles in stock that are acquired from companies that we move each month.  Almost every company we relocate has cubicles that they want to liquidate for one reason or the other.  Jerry can recondition any of these systems with materials that restore both their functionality and their appearance.  Examples of systems we have recently repurposed for customers include the following:

  • Corner desk systems with custom refurbished desk mounted panels
  • Outbound marketing cubicles for appointment setters and telemarketers
  • Ergonomic “sit-stand” desks for executive offices
  • Cubicles with “U-shaped” and “L-shaped” desks that fit larger work areas into compact cubicle frames
  • Modular systems for collaborative environments
  • Computer workstations designed to support dual monitors, laptops, and peripherals.

Jerry can also refurbish any used office workstations you might be planning to liquidate.  It is not uncommon for customers to change their mind about discarding their old cubicles once they see the options that Jerry offers them.  With the right materials, worn and damaged cubicles can often be repaired at costs much lower than replacements.  Sometimes all customers need is a new look and office layout to increase their available workspace.  A more appealing, and more comfortable environment will vastly improve morale and create a more focused, productive workspace in your office.

Talk to Jerry about solutions that are right for your budget.  You can be confident that he will exceed your expectations at a cost you can readily afford.

Refurbished Used Office Workstations For Sale
FREE Quote 713-412-0900

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