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June 29, 2016
Luxury Office Furniture

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As you get ready to buy new, luxury office furniture, you need to remember to organize yourself and stay organized. This is a huge step for your company, and you may be excited about taking a step up. After all, you went through the used furniture, the new, but not luxury furniture and, now that your business has established itself, you're ready to make your mark. Try not to get ahead of yourself and make your choices with deliberation.

Organize Yourself

Make a list with pen and paper or create a spreadsheet devoted to your furniture search. You're working to avoid making mistakes in how much you spend and how many pieces of furniture you order. It's also important to remember that what you order should fit your office space and each employee who will be using the furniture.

In whatever format you choose, list “individual office spaces,” “furniture in each space,” “number needed” and “cost,” once you know each price. As you make notes, you should more easily be able to spot areas where you'll need to make adjustments. The most important points are staying within your budget and how many pieces you need of each item.

Fabric, Mesh, Vinyl or Leather

Here, you have some latitude. For your reception area, vinyl may be the best choice. Visitors may spill coffee, tea, water or soda, and you don't want unsightly stains on your luxury reception area furniture.

Mesh works well for furniture your employees will use. It's comfortable and attractive. Fabric may be another good choice for employees who spend several hours at a time in their offices, working. Finally, leather is an excellent choice for managers and company officers, especially if they spend much time entertaining visitors.

Comfort is a Top Priority

No chair is worth its price if it can't be used for long stretches. For this reason, your new luxury office furniture should be made according to ergonomic principles, which greatly increases its comfort level for you and your employees.

When you are looking at luxury office furniture, look beyond its appearance and immediate function. Yes, the office chairs are the height of office fashion, but if they don't support backs and legs, everyone will be developing unneeded pains.

Look at the desks you're ordering. If they don't have sufficient storage space, everyone will have to store papers and supplies on the top, creating physical and mental clutter.

Furniture Adaptability

The desks and chairs are going to move from office to office. You may need to move some of these items to other rooms to accommodate your growing business. This is where adaptability comes in. Will the office chairs fit easily and look attractive in meeting or conference rooms? 

Adaptability also covers ease in transporting to a new office space. Reduce bulkiness to make this easier. Also, think about ordering desks with casters.

Furniture Has to Fit Everyone

Tall, stocky, petite and slender. Your employees run the gamut in body types. The chair that easily fits the thin person should also accommodate the stocky one. If your office doesn't have assigned seating, everyone will be using the furniture as they move around getting work done. Desk heights should be individualized between tall and short employees, to avoid unneeded pain in the neck and shoulders. Browse our office furniture before buying luxury office furniture.

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