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Cubicle Workstations Near Me.
August 17, 2016
Cubicle Workstations Near Me.

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You may have planned for this event for at least the past year. Your current furniture workstations are showing their age and need repairs more frequently, which means you're spending money you don't need to spend. You also know what has worked for you with your current workstations; you've made notes about what doesn't work, so it's time to begin looking for new workstations.

Know What You Need and Plan

Those notes about flaws and shortcomings with your current workstations are going to come in handy. Keep them close by as you discuss buying new workstations, because you may be adding new notes. Discuss your current workstations with every employee and ask them for their honest input.

Once you know what you need, begin planning. This may involve getting an office furniture expert from Cubiture to create a scale drawing of your office space so you know how many workstations you'll be ordering. You'll also know the size of each one, as well as a probable arrangement for the new workstations.

Establish a Budget

Office workstations can be pricey. Don't shave money from the final cost by buying less than you need. Your employees and their work will suffer, which will hurt your company.

At the same time, don't be tempted by all the new bells and whistles on the workstations you see on your browsing trips. Some of those features will be necessary while others will be excess.

Have a budget number ready so that, as you are looking at the workstations you're considering buying, you'll be able to do the math and decide whether they will fit within your numbers. Don't forget about discounts for bulk ordering, either.

Shop Showrooms and Online

You're going to decide on which store you'll be buying from, but browse widely. Visit office furniture stores' websites and check their merchandise out as well, because you need to see what's out there.
As you shop online, make sure you view images and take notes about the dimensions of each workstation you're considering buying.

Browsing brick and mortar stores, as well as online, gives you the opportunity to educate yourself about what you're seeing and considering buying for your office staff and managers.

As you are doing your browsing, connect with other companies that have bought new workstations and get their recommendations. Ask them about what they thought about the various stores and the workstations they eventually chose.

Compare What You See

When you visit physical office furniture stores, make sure you sit inside each workstation and check out its dimensions. Check for the reach from the chair to the overhead storage bins; the file drawers; and check the height of the desktop.

Check the sturdiness of each workstation, because your employees will be chatting with co-workers, leaning against the walls/partitions. By doing all of this before you make your final decision, you'll be saving yourself years of head-shaking and regret. After all, seeing that beautiful workstation in three dimensions is helpful, but if you don't “test drive” it, how do you know it'll be the right choice for your employees? Browse our workstations and choose well!

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