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Refurbished Office Partitions on sale now
June 30, 2016
Refurbished Office Partitions on sale now

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 Learn How Modular Office Partitions Facilitate Collaboration.

Modular office partitions.” When you hear this phrase, do you think of the “Dilbert” style office, where all workers are in a large office bullpen, all sitting in identical cubicles? Or do you think about how these partitions can help make the workday easier for you and your staff? Ask yourself the following questions as you weigh the possibility of ordering modular office partitions for your company.

What is Their Role?

If your employees currently occupy rows or pods of modular workstations that are visible to each other, you and everyone else experiences the sounds of phone calls coming from a distant pod of cubicles; or your workers are forced to get creative when they are trying to keep their paperwork and responsibilities confidential.

Modular office partitions help to increase privacy, decrease noise and they help you to create efficient, safe traffic flow for everyone who moves from one area to another.

Will Partitions Fit Your Office?

In answering this question, you need to think of physical fit AND the environment of your company. If you have deliberately designed your office with an open plan in mind, you may not want partitions closing everything and everyone off.

However, while that open floor plan supports your company culture and branding, it may be getting in the way of achieving confidentiality and privacy, giving workers needed quiet zones and a way of safely getting from one department to the other.

If you want to keep that openness, choose office partitions made from glass. You keep the open plan, but help your staff to benefit from increased quiet, safety and privacy.

Do They Increase Quiet Areas?

Whether you choose glass office partitions or partitions made from another material, then have them set up to surround certain departments, your staff workers in those areas will find that the noise will be cut to a level that allows them to work without interruption or becoming distracted.

Even better, partitions can be movable. This allows you to change the configurations of cubicles, pods – and office partitions.

Will Modular Partitions Allow Light in All Areas?

Everyone needs artificial and natural light so they can work easily and efficiently without developing unwanted eye strain or stress headaches. Because your staff spends so many hours at their desks, they need to be able to rely on a steady light supply. Glass modular office partitions are a better choice here, simply because they allow all available light to enter every area of your office, even on cloudy days.

Will You Have Good Traffic Flow?

If this is a big factor for you, consult with one of our experts here at Cubiture. We'll visit your office and help you to determine how best to set up modular partitions in a way that enhances everyone's ability to get from Accounting to the Personnel office, or from the IT section over to your office.

Are You Remembering Your Biggest Asset?

Finally, take your biggest asset into account – your staff. Talk to them about how they feel they would benefit from ordering and using modular office partitions. Make notes about their questions and concerns about ease of movement, quiet, privacy and light flow. Get answers from our experts and discuss them with your staff. Their input will be invaluable as you make your decision. Browse our office furniture and look at our modular office partitions.

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