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January 27, 2019



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When you opt to use office room dividers and partitions, there’s no need to relocate to a new office or building in order to enjoy a new floor plan. At Cubiture, founder and President Jerry Mogyorody is an expert in office space planning and design layout, having gained years of experience while successfully creating semi-open office floor plans for various clients. It’s only natural to effectively integrate room dividers and partitions into an office space to create much-needed privacy and space efficiency when more permanent elements just aren’t an option.

If you are part of startup that doesn’t have the budget to relocate to a better office or on a sublease whose conditions bar more permanent methods of subdivision like drywall construction, then office room dividers and partitions shouldn’t be underestimated in their ability to shape space to suit your needs. From noise control to better circulation to strategic zoning of personnel to regulation of privacy and openness, they are an excellent and cost-effective tool to foster meaningful collaboration, productivity and employee morale.

Noise control can be a real headache for some offices, especially in cases where an open floor plan is utilized with no office room dividers and partitions. With a bare minimum of surfaces in the office, even small disturbances of sound can carry unimpeded through the space with negative consequences for employees trying to stay on task throughout the day. Another disadvantage of the open-concept office is the way it can encourage socialization among employees, for better or worse. While interaction in the office is healthy, unsolicited conversation can also take its toll on worker concentration as well. Putting up office room dividers and partitions help to get the message across that sometimes quiet is necessary for a good day’s work.

Where collaboration among coworkers should always be encouraged is in the case of a company project, where members of a team must regularly and effectively communicate with one another to stay focused and on task in successfully seeing a project to its end. Zoning with office room dividers and partitions helps to create the right space where everyday work and even team conferences can take place. These dividers can also be used to divide office workers by department, especially when some departments might be louder than others. Office room dividers and partitions also give order to the office space in this way, helping to highlight paths of circulation from work zone to work zone, or from the general work area to more service-oriented amenities such as elevators, restrooms, and break rooms.

At Cubiture, our selection of office room dividers and partitions can address all of these concerns! Our accordion portable partition with 360-degree hinges is one of the most popular dividers that we offer, thanks to its high degree of versatility and numerous features that address the most common spatial needs of its users. The patented 360-degree hinges give each folding panel on the unit full range of motion. This way, it’s easy to configure the divider into “L,” “C,” and other shapes depending on the best form your space should take. Additionally, no-pinch seams let you avoid any possible injuries while operating the panels. Heights can reach up to 7’6”, and widths can reach up to 25’.

These office room dividers and partitions are available in fabric and polycarbonate, with over 30 stylish colors to choose from between them. The fabric panels are of acoustic fiberglass, designed for maximum sound-dampening so that employees can get the focus they need to stay on individual task or have a brainstorming session with coworkers and team mates. The panels are also thumbtack-friendly for when you want to post notes, photos, or your children’s artwork at your workstation. Polycarbonate offers a beautiful alternative to fabric office room dividers and partitions and is available in several opacities which let in light while obscuring vision and therefore protecting visual privacy. Framing of extruded aluminum makes this a durable and sturdy divider which also happens to be lighter than steel. The locking non-marking casters and the transport locks all contribute to this being an easy-to-move and easy-to-store office room divider and partition system. If you’re looking for a more “permanent” or consistent partitioning solution, we also offer a wall-mounted version that can cover up to 30’. There is also a sliding version available. Give us a call at Cubiture for more details.

Another excellent pick among our office room dividers and partitions is the highly-configurable cubicle partition system with fabric acoustical panels of varying height and width options. This system can be built out not just to become a space for an individual cubicle but also a broader multi-user workspace. The square structural posts allow for a panel to be attached on each of their four sides, offering a clustering option that has the potential to save a lot of floor space. In the latter case, the 6’ high walls can determine the perimeter of a functional zone with 4’ high walls delineating individual workstations within, to balance privacy with interaction. The 6’ office room dividers and partitions are available with durable polycarbonate glass windows at the top of the panels to emit ambient lighting while still allowing for acoustic and visual privacy. Panel widths are available in 2’, 3’, 4’, 6’. Other variations on the cubicle partitions include their portable counterparts which are standalone. Work station screens can be a simple way to put some privacy between employees’ work desks. If forming a meeting or conference space, the mobile whiteboard partitions can also kill two birds with one stone.

Jerry takes all of the above considerations and more into account to deliver an efficient and comfortable office design layout that addresses the needs of your company and makes the most of your office space at little cost or hassle. Cubiture can provide you with schematic drawings free of charge and with no obligation to buy our office room dividers and partitions. Don’t hesitate to call Cubiture today to see how we can transform your office! Contact us today.

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