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Office Partition WallS For Sale & Installed Near Me In Houston, Texas
July 13, 2016
Office Partition WallS For Sale & Installed Houston, Texas

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Office Partition Walls On Sale Now Direct From The Manufacturer!

When you need to divide your main office into areas for different departments, you may not want to call in a contractor to build physical walls. Your space needs will change over time, making the permanent walls unrealistic. A better solution is to order office partition walls that allow you to subdivide your office space as needed and as frequently as necessary. In addition, you'll be able to choose partition walls that fit your particular office environment.

Types of Partition Walls

When you find that you need to increase privacy or the level of quiet for some groups of employees, you need to do so quickly and at a price your budget will withstand. Come visit us at Cubiture and take a good look at the composite wall partitions as well as the glass partitions we have available. Our expert staff will be able to help you decide what you need so you don't end up buying what you don't need or like.

Composite partition walls may be made with plasterboard that fits into aluminum frames. This option offers you the highest level of privacy, because the partitions are opaque, looking just like traditional walls.

Glass partition walls are made with plain glass that gives you a view into other office areas. You also have the option of etched or frosted glass partitions, increasing privacy levels. If you need privacy and prefer plain glass, order Venetian blinds that you can close when needed.

Full-Length or Half-Length

Next, determine whether you want full-length or half-length walls. Full-length walls allow you to create offices for employees while half-length walls allow you to create dedicated working areas for different departments.

If you need to order both types of partition walls, you'll need to know how many employees or managers will be getting their own offices. Don't worry that noise levels will be too high with half-length wall partitions. These are excellent for helping to cut down on noise levels.

Portable Partition Walls

These are ideal if you find that you frequently rearrange your office. When you rearrange various departments to accommodate newer department members or employees, portable partitions allow you to expand or collapse the size of a department. This option has one drawback: Your employees have less privacy and noise control simply because the partitions can be moved from one area to another. Keep this in mind as you weigh options.

Style, Functionality, Looks and Cost

While you are considering your options, remember looks and style. You want your final choice to make your office look as sharp and pulled together as possible.

Functionality should allow you to give your staff privacy, noise control and a comfortable working environment.

Cost is the final factor you need to consider. While office partition walls are much less expensive than building physical walls between departments, you still need to choose the most economical option for your company. If composite partition walls aren't an option, maybe frosted, etched or plain glass will be. Discuss all options with our furniture experts before making your final decision. Be sure to browse our workstations too as you consider buying office partition walls.

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