Use Privacy Pods to Modify Your Open Concept Office

Commercial Privacy Pods For Sale Factory Direct Means Lowest Price Guaranteed
September 6, 2018
Commercial Office Privacy Pods For Sale Direct From The Factory Guarantees Lowest Price

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Privacy pods were developed as a direct response to the distractions common in collaborative settings. Open concept environments are very casual, informal environments. Thousands of businesses of all sizes and types choose this design style because it facilitates the continuous exchange of ideas between team members In industries such as public relations, advertising, web marketing, and film production, creativity drives the revenue stream. These environments typically favor the casual, informal environment established by open concept office layout. Such an environment fosters the free exchange of ideas through collaboration, team initiatives, and constant conversation.

In some cases, however, too much openness has proven a detriment to individual productivity. In recent years, leading workflow experts have questioned the effectiveness of open concept design. Recent surveys in both North America and Europe have shown that over 50% of the 42,000 employees surveyed have complained that open concept floorplans create too many distractions. The lack of privacy proves distracting to many, and background noise makes it difficult to speak on the phone. Many expressed a desire to return to more traditional, private offices so they could better concentrate on task completion.

Another study, headed up in 2011 by renowned organizational psychologist Matthew Davis, reported that open concept floor plans can often diminish the creative process because of the many distractions that impact attention span and critical thinking. After looking at over 100 offices, he noticed much higher stress levels among the workers and a decrease in overall attention span. At the same time, the study acknowledged that the open concept environment does foster greater innovation because of the more relaxed corporate culture. We do not want to abandon the open concept; we simply want to modify it.

Privacy pods do just that. They give you the best of both worlds by creating private islands of personal focus without disrupting the collaborative environment needed for the group. Some manufacturers have nicknamed these stations “office phone booths” because they block background noise that would otherwise disrupt important phone calls. They also eliminate the prohibitive costs of furniture replacement because they fit right into your existing office layout.

Privacy pods also do a great do more than allow you to make phone calls. They are fully functioning private office environments that contain desking and power systems. Anyone in the office can step into a privacy pod at any time to write a report, work on website graphics, code spreadsheet formulas, or talk without interruption to an important client, prospective, or investor. Employees are still accessible to their colleagues when necessary, but they also have a completely quite and private work area where they will not be distracted by background noise.

Depending on the size and the model of the pod, individual workers can use any of the following features to excel in task completion:

  • Privacy pods are powered and plug directly into electrical wall outlets.
  • Soundproof insulation and a double panel door with soft closing hinges
  • Indirect LED lighting controlled by a user-friendly dimmer switch
  • A very fast and quiet exhaust fan that minimizes distraction
  • An ergonomic work desk that adjusts between 28” and 44”
  • USB ports for computing devices and a 120V outlet
  • Soft closing, sealed door for better soundproofing

These privacy pods ship in 10 business days and carry a 1-year full warranty. They take only 2 hours to assemble, so Cubiture can install them without disrupting your workflow. All pods are supported by adjustable casters and can be easily moved any time you need to. Call Cubiture now for details on specific models.

Privacy Pods – FREE Quote 713-412-0900

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