Six Tips To Renting Office Furniture In Houston, Texas HM-1416

Office Furniture Rental Houston, Texas
October 20, 2016
Office Furniture Rental Houston, Texas

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Six Tips To Renting Office Furniture

You're probably figuring out that you need to have a plan in mind when you're getting ready to buy new office furniture for your business. Once that furniture is delivered, you need to have a second plan in mind. You want that furniture to last a long time, so you need to know what to do once you've accepted delivery.

Have a Plan

Create a spreadsheet. No, really! You need to know which offices or cubicles need furniture; the measurements of each space; your spending budget; and, the prices you're seeing when you look for furniture.

Looking at a budget is probably your biggest consideration at this point, but the next biggest would be finding furniture that fits your employees, the individual office spaces and the brand or climate of your company.

Rent for Comfort

You're probably seeing some chairs that look perfect, but when you sit in them, they are anything but comfortable. Yet, you like the price. When you “test-drive” other chairs, they are definitely easy to sit in; you can see yourself feeling comfortable and working for a few hours at a time. But they are a little pricey.

Looking at your spreadsheet, determine whether you can afford the office chairs that offer more comfort. Here's another way of looking at it: Would you rather pay a little more now, knowing that you're avoiding unneeded injuries in your employees? By doing so, you're saving on health insurance claims and sick leave costs.

Choose High-Quality

Those desks you're looking at are just the right price. Besides, they look just as sturdy as the desks that cost more. Right? Maybe not. If you don't get onto your knees and inspect every nook and corner of those desks, you may miss the fact that the individual sections are merely hammered together. They aren't joined by dovetails or mortise and tenons. This means that, over time, the joints are going to work apart and the desk is going to become less stable.

Warranties – Maintenance

Before anything else, read the warranties that come with your new office furniture. This will tell you what actions will void the warranty, making you responsible for repair and/or replacement costs.

Even innocent actions, like using a less-expensive cleaner, can void the warranty. By reading each warranty, you'll find out which cleaning products to buy. If the furniture gets damaged, the manufacturer may pay for repairs or, if needed, replacement, when you follow every clause of the warranty.

Figure Out the Wood Finish

Just because desks from two different manufacturers are made of wood, that doesn't mean you can use the same cleaning product on both. If you use that product on one of those desks, you could ruin the finish. Read the warranties.

Clean the Furniture Regularly

Yes, you're busy Monday through Friday, and sometimes on the weekend. If you want that furniture to last and be a real investment, it'll help you to start a regular cleaning routine for the furniture. Don't wait until it's dirty. Once a week or even twice a month will be sufficient to help you keep that furniture for several years. If you have questions, call us at, when it's time to buy.

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