Office Furniture Repair Is Less Expensive Than New!

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July 6, 2017

Office furniture repair is never as expensive as you think.

People base their estimation of repair costs on the prices for replacement parts posted online. These prices represent retail value passed on by the supplier to the consumer. Cubiture holds a wholesaler's license and can obtain replacement parts from manufacturers, and sometimes third party vendors, that are so low that, even with our labor costs, you pay less than you would online. 

We have our own office furniture repair facility located inside our factory.

We do not have to rent a facility or ship off your furniture to a third party. We already have a factory in which we can repair any workstation, table, chair, cubicle, or receptionist station. We also repair filing and storage systems. As we also have our own fleet of trucks, we can pick your furniture up, drive it to our NW Houston factory, and deliver it back when your repairs are complete.

We are often able to complete office furniture repair in your office.

Many office chairs now come with field replaceable components. This enables us to swap out parts quickly onsite without having to remove the furniture from your office. We also change locks and keys on workstation drawers, and we can often repair drawers and locks in filing systems. Our technicians are trained to stay out of your way while working, test the repaired item, and clean up the work area prior to leaving your office.

Used office furniture repair can be even more affordable.

Visible areas and work surfaces can often be refinished without having to be replaced. If we do have to resurface a desking system, we have a variety of laminates and wood veneers that range in cost. We can help you choose a good, new look for your furniture without new furniture prices.

Much office furniture repair can be done under warranty.

Manufacturers offer a range of warranty options ranging from a few years to the life of the product. Some will replace a product completely if damaged through normal wear and tear. Others offer replacement parts for individual components. Cubiture warranties parts and labor on refurbished systems for a period of 1 year.

This is a good reason to buy workstations, chairs, office desks, and filing systems from Cubiture. The next time you make a purchase, your products will have a parts and labor warranty that covers future office furniture repair.

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