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Cuctom Reception Desks For Sale In Houston, Galveston, The Woodland,s & Katy Texas
August 18, 2017
Cuctom Reception Desks For Sale In Houston, Galveston, The Woodland,s & Katy Texas

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Did you Know That Custom Office Furniture by Cubiture Costs Less than Retail Equivalents?

Cubiture's manufacturing facility allows us to custom build reception area office furniture at a fraction of the cost of mainline manufacturers. As a local source with our own fleet of trucks, we can deliver our products directly to the customer and install them ourselves. This eliminates the need for third party warehousing and distribution, driving costs down by as much as 40% in some instances.

Because the reception desk is one of the most expensive pieces of office furniture you will ever buy, we urge you to speak with one of our designers about a custom solution that will meet your needs at a fraction of retail costs.

Custom Reception Desks are Built with Ergonomics in Mind
How often have we all entered an office foyer only to find the receptionist has stepped away briefly from her station. This has nothing to do with professional. It has to do with ergonomics. Your receptionist sits at her desk throughout the day. It is crucial that both the seating and the desk itself be designed with ergonomics in mind. An office chair rated for any less than an 8-hour work day will become so uncomfortable that your receptionist feels compelled to stand and walk to relieve tension and stress that builds when the body is uncomfortably positioned for long periods of time.

We furnish every reception station with ergonomic office chairs rated for an 8-hour work day. We also make sure that the work area is positioned at a height that will allow the receptionist to type and write without tilting her arms or wrist. This positioning is key to comfort and helps reduce the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Custom Reception Desks are Built for Task Completion
Some offices have more physical paperwork than others. Doctor's offices, for examples, still use hard copy forms for intake and check up documentation. We build medical reception stations with HIIPA compliance foremost in mind. We ensure that any information placed upon the work area remains concealed from patients standing in front of the desk. We also position payment counters to conceal information displayed on computer monitors.

In other industries, we typically do a walk through of the facility to gain a clear understanding of the receptionist's responsibilities within the organization. Desk and storage areas are designed for the admin to access phones, computers, paperwork, and office supplies from a seated position.

Custom Reception Desks Make the Right First Impression
Because the reception center is the first thing a client or visitor sees, you need to think about aesthetics as much as you do function. Almost every receptionist desk we build features some sort of custom millwork that beautifies the exterior facade.

The geometry of the disk is determined by your interior architecture. Some offices look better with linear front desk, while others like the one shown above appear more enhanced by a curved reception center. Any style, ranging from traditional to contemporary, can be designed to fit your business model. Our team can manufacture it quickly and install it in your office in less time than it takes to order a receptionist station from a name brand office furniture company.

Our process gives you more choice and convenience while lower costs at the same time. Call us now for a free design drawing of your new reception station.

Cuctom Reception Desks Call Us For A Free Quote! 713-412-0900

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