Affordable Office Furniture for Startup Businesses

Affordable Office Furniture Sales
January 21, 2021

Finding affordable office furniture can be a challenge for a startup. Price isn’t the issue so much as quality at a price that fits the budget. Anyone can readily find chairs, tables, cubicles, and desks at rock bottom prices through a variety of online channels. For that matter, many retailers carry these items in their showrooms. Most of these furnishings, though, look definitively “cheap” even to the casual eye. For a new company seeking to brand itself and make a big splash in the market, a low-rent look is not going to cut it. New companies need to look stable and profitable to anyone who enters the office—especially during times of uncertainty and market volatility.

Fortunately, Cubiture has been helping establish new businesses for almost three decades now. Our space planning service has proven the key to making office furniture affordable for companies of all sizes. Unlike many of our competitors who push inventory by the line item, we build pathways for productivity with desk and cubicle systems designed to support employee task completion. This is exactly what a startup needs as it begins to develop its basic processes of workflow. It is much easier for a company to systemize its operations, marketing, sales, and customer support in a workplace designed to support the core processes of its production.

With an office layout drawing designed by a Cubiture expert, the founders of a startup company can literally see their dream of a new office spring to life before their eyes. Our designs show every workstation drawn to scale within the office floorplan. Designers go over these drawings with our customers, answering questions and making changes as they go. Not many companies will go to such painstaking lengths to get a drawing right before trying to sell something to the customer. Cubiture takes a higher path. We make sure our customers feel good about what they see in the design phase before they invest in something, they will have to see every day in the office for several years to come.

Experience has proven that startups make better purchasing decisions when they have a finalized drawing to work from. Office chairs, desks, cubicles, and tables are much easier to select when buyers can visualize them configured together in an office suite. Cubiture account executives can them help companies find the more affordable office furniture selections that fit their workflow requirements. With a supply chain of over 400 manufacturers, it is never difficult for us to find multiple items of similar types at a variety of price points. This gives the customer more than one choice and eliminates the feeling of having to settle for subpar workstations simply based on budget.

Cubiture does one more thing that very few competitors do—we operate our own factory. Many startup businesses we worked with in the past originally came to use with pictures of tables, cubicles, and desks that they found online. Imagine their surprise when they learned that we were able to build affordable office furniture for as little as 50 percent less that of the name brands they had originally sought. Workmanship like this is not easy to find in a company just down the street—but they found it at Cubiture.

The success and continued growth of these companies is a testament to Cubiture’s instrumental role in getting them started on the path of success. Call us now and get started on yours.

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