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August 18, 2017

Houston companies frequently ask us what me mean when we say they can profit from their new office space. The answer is simple. Every square foot in your suite bears a cost. That cost is recovered if you utilize that utilize that space for production. Every square foot that is not utilized for efficient workflow and production is money lost.

The very purpose of an office remodel is to create a new environment where business systems can operate at lower costs and higher profits. Reconfiguration of existing workstations, combined with key replacements and a new layout, will generate an entirely new level of production and a measurable improvement in your bottom line.

The process is simple and scalable to any budget. Briefly, it works as follows;

We begin with a complimentary office space plan drawing.
After a quick walk through of your facility, and a copy of your floor plan, we prepare a preliminary drawing of your new office space. This is a fluid document that functions as a reference point. There is no cost to the customer for this drawing, and the visual model it provides saves time on both sides of the table. You have a better idea of how to build out your space if you can visualize your workflow in that space. It is also easier to decide what furnishings should be reconfigured, and which should be replaced, once you can see the new layout in front of you.

We provide multiple options for subdividing your new office.
If you have already decided to invest in drywall construction, our office layout design can function as a blue print for your office remodeling contractors. At no additional cost, however, we will propose alternatives to dry wall that you might want to consider. These office partition panels, which come in a variety of material builds and sizes, represent a tax depreciation value that can offset their slightly higher price point. Everything from glass to wood veneer to fabric panels can be used to subdivide your new space into executive offices, conference areas, and collaborative work space.

We customize your reception center and conference room to your brand.
Visitors and clients rarely see the production areas of your company. Only special guests are invited to executive offices to meet with upper management. The remainder of your visitors will be guided to two critical areas: your reception center and your conference room. It is imperative that these areas make the best impression possible on clients, investors, and strategic partners. As such, they often consume a higher percentage of your budget than production and operations.

Cubiture can reduce these costs with a variety of office remodeling options.
As a fully operational factory, we can custom build reception desks and conference tables at up to 40% savings on catalog and showroom brand names. We can also supply you with refurbished conference tables and receptionist stations at a much lower cost than new. Our work is warranted for parts and labor, so you can purchase furniture that looks brand new without paying the price of brand new.

Companies with a substantial office remodeling budget can also order any of the main showroom brands through Cubiture. We have a number of competitive mid-grade brands you can choose from as well. Call us today, or email us to setup a time to visit our showroom.

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