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Used Office Furniture Systems For Sale In Houston, Tx.
November 7, 2016
Used Office Furniture Systems For Sale In Houston, Tx.

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You and your office manager have decided it's time to change your office furniture for a different system. However, you've decided that, instead of buying a new office furniture, you're going to look for a used office furniture system. Take a few precautions before making your final decision.

Ask Questions

If you find an office furniture system that's priced rock-bottom, find out why the current owner has priced it so low. After doing a little research, you may find that the company is moving and has to unload its current office furniture before taking delivery of a new furniture system. Therefore, the price has been set at an astonishingly low price.

Of course, the previous system owner may have been forced to close. The building landlord is now stuck with a system they can't use. Therefore, they are advertising the system at a bargain price, just so it's removed from the building. That's another point – you're going to have to hire a company to dismantle the system, then move it to your office.

Ask if the Office Furniture is Still Under Production

First, the system is used. Because of this, it's likely to have important pieces missing. Or some pieces may be damaged. For those replacement parts, you'll need to order from the manufacturer. That is much easier if the office system you're buying is still being made.

Before the system is installed in your office, call us at Cubiture 713-412-0900 and ask if it is still under production. We'll get the answer for you so you can order any parts you may need. This way, when you are ready for installation, the replacement parts will be ready and waiting to be included in the installation.

Make Sure The Furniture Fits Your Office

Get one of our professionals to measure the furniture system before you buy it so you know it'll fit within your own office. After all, there's nothing worse than paying for an entire office furniture system, only to find that it's too big or small for your company's needs.

Our furniture experts will measure the system you're interested in, then do the same at your office. If they are able to determine that the system will fit your office, then you'll be able to buy it from the previous owner and arrange to have it shipped to your office.

Find a Professional Installer

While installing the office furniture system looks like a matter of “fitting tab A into slot A,” it's a little more complex. These systems have hundreds of parts, all of them vital to optimal functioning in your office.

Once you've decided you're going to buy a used office furniture system, start looking for a professional installer. Before hiring a professional installer, get quotes. These professionals will make sure that every part is securely installed and fastened; that every part is available when needed and ensure that your new office furniture system is sturdy and safe for use. Browse our workstations and choose a used furniture office system.

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