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August 11, 2017

Many companies take short cuts on office moving that cost them more money in the long run.
Assuming that office relocation services will cost too much money, they attempt to move their belongings, furniture, and office equipment on their own. Sometimes they hire inexperienced people to help with the move, only to have their furniture damaged or improperly reassembled at the new location.

Our professionals are trained experts with years of experience in furniture refurbishing and furniture repair. Few people in the office relocation industry know how to handle furniture like Cubiture employees.

Cubiture eliminates unexpected costs with competitive, hourly rates that are scaled to budget tolerance.
Unlike some office relocation services that charge you by the line item, Cubiture bills you only for the labor involved based upon a predetermined number of hours that we agree upon in advance. The resulting costs are far lower than companies that charge you for the number of cubicles, desks, tables, and chairs. Some companies also charge extra to move certain types of equipment or to move personal items that belong to various employees.

Our rates are carefully estimated in advance and agreed upon before we begin.
To us, planning your move is essential. We begin with a free consultation that outlines the details of the move. Considerations such as the number of types of furnishings, office equipment, and personal belongings are carefully inventoried. This allows us to estimate labor hours associated with packing, disassembling cubicles, and protecting office furniture during the move.

If you have a floor plan of your new office, we can also estimate the installation and setup of your office upon arrival at your new location. Items such as rental crates for personal belongings, shrink wrap, and protective blankets are bundled into our hourly rates so you pay only what we have negotiated in advance.

We work with building management to coordinate your move in full compliance with management policies.
Some building management companies have no problem with companies moving into or out of the building during business hours. Others, however, consider office relocation services to be disruptive to other tenants in the building. We can work on either level. If your management company limits office moves to after hours during the work week, we can work in the evenings to get you out of your old office and into our new.

If you are limited to weekends only, our crews can move you on a Saturday or a Sunday to your new location. We will schedule the move to accommodate building policies at both locations.

Our office relocation services are some of the lowest you will find because we own our own warehouse and fleet of trucks.
Imagine how much you will have to pay to a moving company that has to rent a storage facility or to rent a truck.  Such costs get passed on to the customer—and often passed on at a 20-30 percent markup.

This is never the case with Cubiture. We own our own factory and our own trucks, so our rates are much lower than office relocation services who have to sub-contract transportation and storage.

Our office relocation services include free space planning.
Many customers lease a space and have only a vague idea of how they will setup their work areas once they are in the new location. They hope the movers can figure out where to put things once they arrive in the new suite.

Leaving furniture configuration to the last minute will cost time and money. Eliminate these costs by having our designers develop a free office layout drawing that will show exactly where your work spaces will be located in the new office. This saves time on our end and money on yours.

With Cubiture, you get there faster—and in far better shape—for a price that you will love and never regret paying. Call us now for a free quote.

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