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August 9, 2017

Cubiture does more than other Houston business movers. In addition to getting you set up in our new location, we help you plan your move in advance. You will know exactly what you need—and what to expect—on the morning that our trucks roll into your driveway.

Complimentary Furniture Consultation
Before our business movers touch any of your existing furniture, we assess and document its condition. This consultation protects both you and us because it gives us an itemized list of any damaged chairs, desks, cubicles, or storage systems in your office. These items can be repaired in our West Little York factory at a fraction of the cost of replacements.

If you do choose to replace any worn or damaged items, we can either buy them back from you, or we can help you liquidate them for a tax write off.

We will also assess the quality of your office seating. Most office chairs offer only limited ergonomic support and are rated for only 5 hours. We have a number of affordable, advanced ergonomic upgrades that are competitive with big box store prices and rated for an 8-hour work day.

Complimentary Space Planning for Your New Office
Our business movers work closely with space planning experts who help them coordinate the setup of your new location. We recommend that you give us a floor plan of your new location as soon as possible so we can develop a workflow solution for your new space. This drawing will determine how to make the very best use of your new space.

If you are considering buying new or replacement furniture, the space plan will streamline your purchasing by showing you exactly what is needed to make the new space work for you.

Cubiture Reduces Transportation Costs.
Cubiture saves you money on logistics. Unlike many business movers in Houston, Cubiture has its own fleet of trucks. You pay less for the move itself because you do not have to cover the associated costs of rentals that many competing office movers routinely pass on to their clients.

Our team can also move you faster than other office move companies. Our professionals have decades experience in office furniture manufacturing, refurbishing, assembly, and repair. Whatever you need us to move, our experts can transport and install in a fraction of the time.

Advanced Filing and Storage Solutions
One of the biggest space wasters in any office is the standard vertical filing cabinet. The typical file cabinet offers as little as 100 filing inches in exchange for the floor space it occupies. To avoid this waste of space, ask Cubiture about custom storage and filing options.

You might want to invest in lateral filing systems that wrap around walls and offer thousands of filing inches to seated personnel. If you want to utilize your vertical cube in a smaller storage room, our business movers can install high-density filing systems that offer even greater storage capacity.

Cubiture Minimizes Construction and Remodeling Costs.
Before you go and hire contractors to build out dry walls and other interior structures, talk to a Cubiture space planner.

Our private office panels enable you to create custom workspaces and private offices with floor-to-ceiling panels made from a wide range of materials. Create the look and feel that you have always wanted with panels you can move and reconfigure at will.

Because they are classified as furniture, you can also write off their depreciation on your business taxes. As your company grows, you can rearrange private office panels to generate entirely new layouts to accommodate a growing work force.

Cubiture's team of business movers has worked throughout the Continental United States. Headquartered in Houston, TX, we offer local companies exceptional discounts and value added services. Our efficiency and expertise enable us to scale any office move to the budget of start-up, small, mid-size, and enterprise level clients. Call us now for a free consultation.

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