When do We Need Office Space Planning Services?

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August 15, 2017

You need office space planning any time you downsize.
Downsizing leaves empty desks and chairs that make your office look deserted. This negatively impacts the morale of your remaining staff. Every time employees see these empty workstations, they begin to worry about their own jobs. The cohesion of the team that once defined the office is gone, and confidence in the business begins to diminish from within. Clients will also notice that you have downsized and question whether your business has the delivery power to meet their needs.

Get those desks and chairs out of there as quickly as possible! Call Cubiture and talk with an office space planning expert. He or she can show you how to reconfigure your essential furnishings into a streamlined workflow solution that will restore employee morale and corporate production. Store your remaining furniture in our warehouse and either sell it, liquidated it for tax write offs, or have our team move it back to your office when you begin expanding again.

You need office space planning when you move or open a new location.
More than likely, you will be liquidating and replacing some of your existing furniture. More than likely, too, you have only a few pieces that you are certain you want to get rid of. Different people in the office will want to keep certain items, while others will want to replace the majority of what you currently have with newer equivalents. This debate can damage morale, create schisms, and even slow down your move.

Cubiture can help you satisfy all members of the team by designing a workflow layout for your new floor plan. Each employee's workstation will be drawn in full detail. This will give every employee a clear picture of what will work best in the new suite. Once people can see what their work area will look like, it will be easier for all parties involved to agree on what needs to be moved, stored, or liquidated. It will also enable you to see what new furniture purchases you may need to make to complete your new office design.

You also need office space planning when you hire new employees.
Before you assume that you know what your new employee needs, talk to an office layout design specialist. Explain the new hire's job description in full detail. Discuss how his or her job contributes to the company as a whole. Our designers are trained workflow experts who design workstations around task completion. Your new employee will be fully supported in an ergonomic environment that keeps him or her alert, positive, and focused throughout the day. Contact us today.

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