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November 29, 2017
Design, Installation & Purchase Cubicles From

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Most organizations purchase cubicles when they begin to grow. 

The addition of new personnel calls for new furniture systems and cubicles.  This is not always easy for a company because adding new people to the payroll is expensive enough.  It quickly becomes necessary for companies to shop for the very best deals on workstations in order to stay within budget.   While it may be tempting to buy the cheapest cubicles from some large online outfit, it is not necessary to sacrifice quality for savings.  Houston companies can afford ergonomic, personalized workstations for their employees if they take advantage of Jerry's free space planning service at

Jerry approaches space planning from the perspective of managed growth.

Typically, a company hires new employees in groups that fill the ranks of several departments.  This represents not only new additions to each department but also changes to the workflow of that department.  Jerry's acute understanding of workflow dynamics enables him to develop cubicle configurations that support those tasks that are essential to that department's production. He does not charge for these drawings because he wants his customers to purchase cubicles that fit their actual needs–not just fill their space.

Jerry's knowledge of ergonomics differentiates his space planning service from competitors who charge money for these drawings.

Very few space planners know ergonomics like Jerry.  They focus either on blending workflow with aesthetics in order to create a new sense of energy within the workspace.  While energetic dynamics do play a role in office morale, nothing takes the place of basic health and wellness.  Study after study has proven that comfort heavily impacts employee work ethic, focus, and overall morale.  Companies who purchase cubicles that are designed only for looks often pay a higher price than they anticipate in the long run.  Workers who feel uncomfortable, or who begin to experience cramps and backaches, constantly leave their seats and cost the organization thousands of dollars in man-hours over a long period of time.

Companies who purchase cubicles from Jerry can save money on the front end and on the back end.

Cubiture owns its own factory, so Jerry can build customer workstations at a lower price than name brand retail workstations.  Cubicle configuration based upon ergonomic space planning creates an environment where employees feel good about coming to work.  Superior seating options, unique filing and storage options, and the best office chairs on the market all work together to increase focus, improve attitude, and increase production in the new office space.

Purchase Cubicles From – FREE Quote 713-412-0900

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