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Medical Hospital And Clinic Chairs For Sale In Galveston, Houston, Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio & Austing Texas
September 29, 2017
Medical Hospital And Clinic Chairs For Sale In Galveston, Houston, Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio & Austing Texas

Medical Chairs For Clinics & Hospitals – FREE Quote 713-412-0900

Cubiture's new line of medical chairs offers a fully integrated solution to the high traffic care facilities common to the Houston medical industry. Quite arguably the best medical facilities in the world, the hospitals, and clinics in our city need durable seating solutions that can be adapted to any environment and easily maintained.

We have models for lobbies, patient rooms, waiting areas, cafeterias, and recovery units.

Built with steel frames, these medical chairs retain their value even after thousands of patients and visitors have passed through your doors. Designed with the highest standards of infection control in mind, they make it easy for your housekeeping staff to maintain clean environments at all times.

Protect your investment with features built with heavy usage in mind:

• The stronger design feature metal to metal connections throughout the chair.
•  Quickly remove chair backs with accessible fasteners.
•  Metal mesh seat pans drain quickly in the event of patient incontinence.
•  Leg angles prevent chair backs from hitting the wall.
•  Non-marking glides protect your flooring.
• Quickly remove cushion upholstery for deep cleaning or field replacement.

Seat pans combine comfort and infection control with cushions made from high density, Ultracell Biofoam. Seat pans have no catch points and feature waterfall clean out between the chair back and the pan. Side panels are fully upholstered, and arm caps feature self-skinned urethane construction available in a wide range of colors. We also carry models with solid wood arm caps available in multiple finish options.

Textile choices include a diverse range of vinyl and Crypton fabrics. Frame and arm finishes include, but are not limited to, back, toast, Mocha, and Platinum. Standard and bariatric medical chairs feature a 500 lb. active weight capacity. Lounge and sofa seating feature a 350 lb active weight capacity.

Cubiture's medical chairs offer guests superior support for backs and arms. We have low back, medium back, and high back models that will allow you to accommodate persons of all ages, heights, and weights. Backs are contoured to provide ergonomic lumbar support and forward extending arm caps feature easy grips that can be quickly field replaced if ever damaged. Arm grip extensions make it easier for elderly and physically challenged persons to sit down and get up. The waterfall seat edge on each cushion reduces pressure on the back of the knees, making them ideal for people with circulation problems.

Cubiture offers free delivery and turnkey installation of new medical chairs throughout Houston and the surrounding areas. Call today.

Medical Hospital And Clinic Chairs – FREE Quote 713-412-0900

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