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February 19, 2018

Where else can you find healthcare bariatric seating but Wingback chairs were invented for comfort. The original design, developed in the 1600's, was originally created to keep people warm by the fireplace. Over the next few centuries, though, its function expanded, and its positioned moved into living rooms where it became synonymous with coziness and comfort. What better design can you choose for a bariatric chair that has been carefully built to support those who have difficulty sitting in normal chairs.

Whereas many may wonder if the wingback style is truly practical for healthcare bariatric seating, our chairs overcome these concerns with specific features engineered for healthcare compliance.

• The chair back is contoured to provide exceptional support for both the lower and the upper lumbar regions of the back
• Legs are easy to clean, and they raise the chair high enough to make it easy to clean the floor underneath.
• People of different heights can adjust the headrest to the ideal position.
• The seat cushion can be removed for cleaning, and when it wears out, it can be replaced.
• The surface of the seat is slightly angled for greater comfort.
• The waterfall edge of the seat is seamless, making it more durable for high traffic environments.
• Armrests that are slightly curved, having a forward grip, make it easier for older persons to sit or stand.

Wingback chairs are ideal for waiting areas located near intensive care, maternity wards, and surgery. They can also ideal additions to patient rooms, providing visitors with comfortable seating that may, at times, lead to an overnight stay. Weight capacity is 500 pounds, with a 38″ overall width and an optional ottoman to rest the feet during long waiting periods. Cubiture offers healthcare bariatric seating in a broad spectrum of colors, with free space planning on the front end and free delivery upon purchase. Call us now for a list of color options and a free space plan and quote.

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