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Healthcare And Hospital Patient Room Sleeper Bed Benches For Sale Manufacturer Direct Pricing
February 13, 2018
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Convalescing patients need the support of friends and family when recovering from major surgery. They need to be visited because staff members have only limited time to provide the compassion and support that patients need to make a complete recovery. People feel most alone during the night after loved ones have left the hospital and returned home to their own beds. Patients feel most afraid at these times, and their pain becomes worse because there is no one there to comfort them.

You can provide patients with a much better experience by purchasing hospital patient room sleeper beds that comfortably seat several people during the day converts into a sleeping space for loved ones that stay the night.

People lying on these bench beds can count on getting a good night's sleep. The entire surface consists of high-density Ultracell bio-foam. This bio-foam interior folds out so that the surface on which visitors sit rests lies toward the floor. Patient room sleeper beds are remarkably hygienic, and they are very easy for staff to clean. Workers can quickly wipe down the areas between the back and the seat cushion to prevent the build-up of infectious agents.

Hospital patent room sleeper beds also let you move them around while you are cleaning.  You can roll them on heavy-duty wheels to wipe down all upper, side, and back surface areas. The pull-out platform is supported by metal drawer slides to make the entire structure durable and strong. Sleep position dimensions measure 79″w x 37″d x 15.25″h, while the bench in its entirety measures 79″w x 21″d x 19.75″h. Patients who retire for the night can rest in comfort with bed sheets tucked in place and their backs fully supported by a firm but gentle surface.

Hospital Room Sleeper Beds
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