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New Office Chairs For Sale Cheap Discount Prices
September 26, 2017

New Office Chairs For Sale Cheap Discount Prices

Investing in a new office chair is an investment in more than simple comfort.
It is an investment in your health.  An ergonomic chair can quickly alleviate the back pain, neck pain, eye strain, leg pain, and abdominal pain that many workers experience after sitting for a long period of time.

If you are experiencing any of these pains, your chair is probably not rated for 8 hours.  Often, when we go into a business to do office space planning, we discover that most of the chairs in the office are rated for only 5 hours.  Employees often have to stand up and walk around several times a day to keep from developing cramps in their backs, arms, and legs.

If you are experiencing any of these difficulties, it is time for a new office chair.  Cubiture specializes in ergonomic chairs that are priced competitively against those found at big box stores.  We sell chairs that conform to people.  We never ask people to conform to chairs.

Start with where you actually sit.
Ironically, the one part of the chair that matters the most is the part that most users overlook.  This is the seat pan itself.  When you sit in your chair, you should have 2-3 inches of space between the back of your knees and the edge of your chair.  If the pan is too short, your legs hang off the edge too much and do not receive the proper support.  If it is too long, the edge of your seat can cut into the backs of your legs and cut off circulation.  Most of the cheaper chairs that you buy in stores have limited adjustments (if any) for the seat pan.

Cubiture has a number of new office chairs that offer you to adjust the seat pan to the proper distance from your knees for maximum ergonomic leg support.

Easily adjust seat height.
You also need an office chair that will allow you to quickly move the seat up and down.  Your seat pan should be low enough to allow both of your feet to rest firmly on the floor.  Many of the cheaper chairs you buy retail have inferior gas cylinders that fail after one or two years of use–making it impossible to set the proper height.

Cubiture sells many lines of new office chairs that come with a lifetime warranty.  You don't have to worry about repairing the gas cylinder if it fails.  We simply bring you a new chair.

Rest Your Arms Without Bumping Your Chair into Your Desk
Your arms should be roughly parallel to the surface of your desk, although some people do better with their arms pointing downward at a very slight angle.  Your armrest should be large enough to support your elbows comfortably.  However, if the armrests are too long, they will collide with the edge of your desk and force you to sit too far back from your work area.

Find a new office chair at Cubiture that has adjustable armrests that are just the right size.

We do NOT recommend locking the back of your chair.
While many of our new office chairs allow you to do this, we recommend that you use the tension control on your new office chair instead.  By increasing the tension, you can create sufficient resistance to give your back a firm support.  However, if you need to lean back in your chair, the backrest will also recline.

A firm, yet reclining, chair back offers a better blend of neck, upper back, and lower lumbar support than a backrest that is fixed in place.

New Office Chairs in all Sizes and Styles
Find chairs for executives, receptionists, conference rooms, and open concept work areas in our Cubiture showroom.  Call now to schedule a visit, and remember to request a free office space plan with your quote.

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