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New Reception Desk For Sale
September 25, 2017

A new reception desk represents a new start for your Houston company.  Yet with so many styles available, making a choice can seem overwhelming.  You may be tempted to go with something that looks very similar to your current desk because it represents the familiar.  Or, you may want to save on costs and go with the best price for something with basic appeal and simple functionality.

Cubiture can offer you so much more through free space planning services that will advise your selection through the following professional guidelines.

Today's receptionists play a variety of roles within an organization.  In addition to greeting visitors and answering phones, many are now charged with a number of administrative tasks.  In many companies, the receptionist inputs data into the company CRM and keeps track of hard copy invoices, records, and important emails.  A new reception desk in this type of environment would require plenty of desk space for computers and peripherals.  It would also require custom filing and storage areas in which the admin could organize printed materials.  In some institutions–such as those offering urgent healthcare–these areas must only be visible to the admin and other authorized persons.  Desk designs should conceal displays and paperwork from the curious eyes of visitors, patients, or clients.

Most of us grew up with a mindset that labor should be somewhat difficult–and at times unpleasant–to get the most out of employees.  The thinking of previous generations associated things such as comfort and fun with home life and recreation.  Fifty years ago, only the most progressive cities in large coastal cities experimented with the idea that work could be both exciting, enjoyable, and profitable.

The past five decades have witnessed an almost complete shift away from this mindset.  Studies in ergonomics have revealed that comfort is the ally–not the enemy–of productivity.  Workers who are seated comfortably will remain at their stations and focus for longer periods of time on task completion.  Perhaps nowhere in the office is this more important than in your waiting area.  If visitors walk in and the receptionist is absent, the impression they receive is immediately negative.

When buying a new reception desk, be certain to talk with a Cubiture space planner about ergonomics.  Seating, the arrangement of filing systems, placement of storage areas, and desk space all have a major impact on the morale, mindset, and ultimate productivity of your admin.

Your new reception desk is more than just a new piece of office furniture.  It represents your brand and establishes the emotional tone of your work environment.  This emotional tone is not just for visitors.  It is for your employs as well.  Every day, your team passes through the lobby on the way to their various workstations.  It is important to select a design that represents your corporate culture and supports your workflow requirements.

Many new reception desks feature designs that were developed with brand positioning in mind.  In our selection, you can find a number of models built specifically for CPA firms, banks, medical clinics, hospitals, IT companies, and educational institutions.  We can also recommend a number of custom designs that we have developed for Houston area companies that were competitive not only in look, but also in price, to similar models made by mainline manufacturers.

If you need ideas for your new reception desk, call our showroom to schedule a visit.  If you would like a visit to your office, simply request a free office design space plan, and a specialist will visit your office.

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