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August 23, 2019

Every business must buy new office furniture from time to time. Choosing this time, however, is not always easy. Your business must spend money to make money, and daily operations are your highest priority. Purchasing furniture may seem like a secondary consideration in comparison. You may be tempted to procrastinate and make do with what you have-telling yourself that you can always buy new office furniture next year when you have a larger procurement budget.

But what if your existing budget could get you what you need right now. Wouldn’t it be worth your time to consult with Cubiture about your options?

Cubiture can point the way to new office furniture sets, workstations, and office chairs that are surprisingly more affordable than you would ever think. We can help focus your choices by showing you first how your workflow makes you money and then recommending the individual furnishings that will best support the completion of your most important tasks. We know where to source these options too so that you can afford to buy them with funds that are available to you right now.

The key is to understand just how big an impact new office furniture will make on your team.

More than anything, it will invigorate your team with a new sense of positivity. Anything “new” has this effect on humans. After working for so many years in the same cubicles, desks, uncomfortable chairs, and cluttered private offices, your employees will feel like a burden has been lifted when they walk into an office filled with new office furniture. The brighter colors, the sparkle of the glass, and the luster of fine veneer and laminates will give them a feeling of a new beginning. More ergonomic seating—and better square footage utilization—will make the just comfortable enough to focus and maintain production in an environment where background noise and clutter have now been eliminated.

While some might say that work is work and is therefore not always fun, we must point out that we are not speaking of fun in the sense of entertainment. New office furniture doesn’t turn your office into a happy hour party, nor does it constitute a 40-hour a week paid vacation. What is instills instead is a positive attitude toward work that gives each employee a sense of purpose that encourages self-assessment and discipline.

It must be mentioned as well that new office furniture alone cannot create this type of work environment without careful space planning centered around the actual workflow of your company. Many people mistakenly believe that replacing damaged cubicles and desks on a selective, individual basis will do the trick. The fact of the matter is, it won’t. The entire layout of the office needs to be replaced in order to create the type of synergy we are discussing in this article. New office furniture will only make you a return on your investment when it is consciously purchased and arranged in a way to better focus task completion so the mission statement can be fulfilled.

While you may think that you do not have a budget for new office furniture, more than likely you actually do. Cubiture represents thousands of manufacturers and also owns its own factory. If we tackle your procurement from a workflow design perspective—as opposed to a piecemeal buy this/buy that perspective—we can pinpoint exactly what you need and how to configure it. From there, it is a simple matter of selecting your new office furniture from a source that you can afford. Call us now.

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