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January 8, 2018
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Imagine sitting in a chair that was more comfortable than a couch.  You wouldn't fidget in such a chair because it would fully support your back as you reclined in your seat.  You wouldn't need to stand up and stretch all the time because your arms and legs would be positioned at angles that would minimize muscular stress.  Being able to sit at work all day as comfortably as you do at home would make it possible for you to get more done because you actually enjoyed being at your desk.  Such a scenario describes an 8-hour office furniture chair, so named because you can literally sit in it for 8 hours without feeling the aches and pains that cheap office chairs inevitably produce.

This level of comfort can only be achieved by an office furniture chair that can be adjusted to support persons of any height, age, or weight.  This level of ergonomics features multiple points of adjustment so you can properly position every part of your body.  You can literally make yourself comfortable from head to toe by manipulating a series of lever controls located beneath your seat.

  • First, adjust your seat height so that your feet are flat on the floor and your knees are bent at right angles. This position minimizes strain on the calf and thigh muscles.
  • Next, position your lower back at a comfortable angle by adjusting the tilt of the backrest. This brings the softly knit mesh of the backrest into direct contact with the “s-curve” of your back.  Without this support, you'll put too much of your weight on your upper back and shoulders, keeping the muscles in the lower lumbar part of your back tight and unable to relax.  Over time, you'll start feeling pain
  • You can also adjust the degree of tilt in the backrest. Ergonomic office furniture chairs are designed to tilt slightly as you lean back.  A tension control lets you determine just the right amount of pressure to give your back mobility without compromising support.
  • The actual pitch of the chair can also be adjusted. Some people like the chair to lean a little bit forward.  Others, however, feel more alert with the chair seat tilted slightly upward.  The right pitch for you is the one that keeps your knees at a 90-degree angle so that you don't feel leg cramps after sitting for several hours.
  • Finally, protect your arms, wrists, and fingers by setting your armrests even with the edge of your desk. This will allow you to work with your elbows bent at right angles and your forearms even with your work area.  This keeps your wrist straight while you type and greatly reduces the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome.

The best office furniture chairs are easy to adjust.  The VOC-540, for example, consolidates all of its adjustment controls in a single assembly mounted beneath the seat.  You can make the necessary changes to seat height, chair tilt, backrest height and tilt, and armrest height by manipulating a series of simple levers and knobs.  These office furniture chairs are competitively priced, allowing you to give all of your staff superior seating options without having to compromise health and wellness to save money.  Talk to Jerry today about the VOC-540 and similar ergonomic seating options and transform your office into a workspace where people feel good coming to work.

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