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December 8, 2017
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Jerry is an incredibly adaptive individual.  He understands that change is the reality of business and that that adapting to change is the essence of success.  Knowing, too, that nothing seems to change as rapidly as technology, Jerry is always looking for new ways to create workstations to support our use of technology.  He labors tirelessly to find new ways to build commercial computer workstations around sound ergonomic principles.  As humans rely increasingly on technology, Jerry makes sure they can also rely on their work areas to properly support their comfort, health, and wellness.

Designing commercial computer workstations isn't as easy as some people think.  For some reason, popular culture continues to visualize these cubicles as basic “computer desks” surrounded by panels.  This image, made popular by several cult-classic movies of the 90s, embedded itself in popular culture as a symbol of life in the office.  The problem with this image is that it is now 30 years old now, and the cell phones that many of our customers use to find our website are several times more powerful than any desktop you see in one of these movies.  The computers many of us grew up with have been miniaturized to the point that they no longer need a computer “desk” like you used to see at the entrance to big box stores.  Computer workstations now are more like information support hubs, managing multiple streams of voice and data flowing through a variety of input and output devices.

Perhaps the biggest advent in technology has been the emergence of VOIP technology.  Phones no longer require phone lines to operate.  They can send voice over the Internet through data channels.  Phones themselves have become more streamlined and compact, and many are not even actual phones.  They are computer programs.  Increasing numbers of sales professionals use these softphone programs to talk to customers through a headset.  Employees who use these newer technologies don't need computer desks.  They need customized commercial computer workstations that support information technology platforms that vary widely from business to business, industry to industry.

While all of this can become very complex– and seems to be changing at increasing speed–Jerry can accommodate all of these new technical configurations without running over budget.  With his own factory, he can design cubicle systems unique to individual requirements, deliver them directly to his customers with his own fleet of trucks, and still come in at prices far less than those of his competitors.  Jerry has been at this for many years, but he is always learning something new, and always on the leading edge of innovative cubicle design and configurations.

If you are upgrading your IT infrastructure, call Jerry today and order commercial computer workstations built with your specific technical requirements in mind.

Ergonomic Commercial Computer Workstations For Sale
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