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Office Moving Costs For Sale In Galveston, Katy, Woodlands, Lake Jackson & Jersey Village, Texas
August 22, 2017

Get rid of furniture you do not need before you actually move.
Even when your moving cost is based only on hours worked, these costs will be higher if you keep all of your office furniture. Often, we find that multiple items can be liquidated and replaced with superior ergonomics and production. For example, we have bought back traditional desks from many clients and replaced them with custom, partitioned desking systems that offered greater privacy and focus than the originals. These systems also look more sophisticated than the originals and better match the production demands of the new office.

Keep in mind that moving costs include the setup of your furniture in your new office. Eliminating old, damaged, or non-essential items reduce man hours associated with your move in. We can bundle the installation of one or two new systems into your move in and adjust your costs proportionally to the furniture you sell us or liquidate.

Know what your new office layout will look like before you actually move.
Even if you are not downsizing, an office space plan for your new location may reveal that you do not need everything you currently have. Our office layout designs are based upon planned workflow in your new environment. Cubiture develops these drawing around the activities that will make your business successful. This will help you make the most of every single square foot in your suite. Custom storage and high-density filing options will make supplies more accessible, and document control more consolidated and efficient. This new layout will be free of the clutter of your old office so your employees can better focus on task completion, collaboration, and sales.

Lower transportation and storage costs with a moving company that owns its own trucks and warehouse.
Not every office relocation company owns its own trucks. Fewer still own their own storage facilities. If you work with such a company, rest assured that a portion of your moving costs will be directed toward their truck and storage leases. You will end up paying more for something that benefits them—not you.

Cubiture's moving costs are lower than many similar companies simply because we own our own trucks and have a 25,000 square foot warehouse.
Anything you need stored, repaired, refurbished, or moved over the weekend can be handled by our team using our own equipment. Contact us today.

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