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Discount Tall Office Cubicles For Sale
April 6, 2018
Tall Office Cubicles For Sale Direct From The Factory In Houston, Texas

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Everyone knows that tall office cubicles create a feeling of total privacy. They are like miniature offices in the sense that they have panels so high that they might as well be walls. While this degree of enclosure is preferable to those who desire a high level of peace and quiet in which to complete their work, another person can just as easily feel very confined, if not outright claustrophobic, inside partitions that are completely solid. Such a setting is too “box-like” for many people, especially if a workstation is built with smaller dimensions.

Cubiture breaks this confining mold with custom-built, tall office cubicles that open up the interior space to surrounding light. We do this by using segmented partitions consisting solid panels on the bottom and glass inserts at the top These inserts can be frosted glass that let in light but block the interior from outside view. Other inserts are completely transparent so that the workstation occupant can see around the office. These tall partitions are highly effective when it comes to blocking out sound, so the occupant can still work undisturbed without distracting noises.

Tall office cubicles with glass panels anywhere else, you are probably going to pay a great deal of money or have to sacrifice quality to afford the product. With Cubiture, though, you can have both quality and lower pricing because we own our own manufacturing facility that sells directly to the public. Unlike other manufacturers who buy from factories and markup the cost to retail pricing, we basically sell at the equivalent of wholesale prices to businesses, churches, schools, city governments, and non-profits who need the best workstations that money can buy, but who do not have all the money in the world to buy with!

Our network of suppliers has grown in size over the years to the point that we can source practically any materials needed to build tall office cubicles exactly the way you want them. There are a variety of laminates, veneers, and colored fabrics that will aesthetically blend with your office interior. There are also many types of glass we can use that vary in price from mid-range to higher-end price points. Our space planners will inform you of all choices possible within your budget, so you will have plenty of options to consider before you settle on the final configuration.

The tall office cubicle in the picture above has been constructed for a high ranking executive to use as an office. If you look closely, you will see that the wrap around desk provides far more surface area than a traditional, standard office desk could provide. This workstation is designed for an “open door” style of management, but it can just as easily fitted with a door that would effectively turn the entire assembly into a fully functioning, self-contained room.

This is just one example of how Cubiture customizes tall office cubicles with glass insert panels to fit the unique job description of the intended user. Call Cubiture now, and ask a space planner to help you brainstorm ideas at no cost you and with no obligation to buy. You will not be disappointed.

Tall Office Cubicles
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