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December 5, 2019

Did you know that the average person spends about 21 minutes in a waiting room? With guests spending this much time it is important to make sure that you leave a lasting impression while also making sure they are comfortable and feel welcomed. This article is going to go over a few ideas on how to layout your waiting room.

You're waiting room should reflect your organization or company while also making your guests feel welcome.  Knowing how to design their waiting room or lobby can be difficult that's why we've come up with tips and advice to help you through the layout process.

Before you start the layout process you want to have an idea of where guests enter and exit. Make sure that you're waiting room is in a clear location that is easy to find so guests know where to go. You want to be sure that traffic flows easily but there's no bottlenecking across traffic. Have a separate exit to keep guests moving so they don't have to retrace their steps.

Your reception room furniture is the most essential part of your waiting room because it's the first thing that visitors see when they arrive and determines how comfortable they will be. The reception desk is the focal point of your office so make sure that it is visible and easily accessible. Find a reception desk that fits all of your needs when it comes to storage because the last thing you want is for guests to see a bunch of papers and boxes on your desk

Make sure that you get the right size desk that fits all of your needs such as printers and computers and phones. Make sure that you select a finish that matches your decor while also selecting long-wearing woodgrain laminate. Most importantly be sure to measure everything so that you know that your reception furniture will fit in your space. With waiting room seating, you should also know that your lobby furniture will fit without any issues. 

To determine how many chairs you will need, think about how many people are using your chairs on your busiest days. When measuring leave extra room between chairs. You should also consider the patterns you want to use such as a square or U shape are some of many things to consider when choosing office reception furniture. First is it comfortable? Having uncomfortable furniture can make the wait time feel exceptionally long for those waiting for 20 minutes or longer. 

You should also consider their ages sizes and mobility issues. This will help you determine if you need chairs with or without arms along with different sizes. You also need to figure out what type of upholstery you need. If you have high traffic areas you will want to find upholstery than can be easily cleaned. Lastly, find something that fits your budget and plan for enough lead time if you need your waiting room done by a certain time.

The color you choose for your waiting room furniture can affect the way your visitors feel. Blue is a reassuring color and denotes honesty and security. Green is calming. Colors that are yellow or red can cause anxiety and aggression. When choosing colors for your waiting room furniture keep in mind your company colors. 

Another added feature you may want to consider is making power outlets easily accessible so users can charge their phones tablets or laptops. For some guest’s work doesn't stop so providing them with free Wi-Fi can be a great addition. Even adding some TVs can be a great way to display info about your business or give them a virtual tour.

Even if you have the perfect waiting room, providing great service is the key to keeping your guests happy. Your receptionist was the first person that your visitors will come in contact with so be sure that they have a smile on their faces. Also, be sure to always keep your waiting room clean including your reception desk. Make sure that your guests feel welcome by offering to hang up their coat or giving them a glass of water or coffee and always remember to never keep your guests waiting so they don't have a negative experience. 

There's no better way of knowing what you're guests want than putting yourself in their shoes. Think about what you would want in a waiting room and what would make you comfortable. Ask your co-workers for opinion or even ask your guests for suggestions.

Cubiture’s waiting room, lobby & reception furniture is fashionable, customizable, and includes patented additions that extend the life of your furniture even in busy, heavy use conditions. Thanks to cushions, replaceable parts, and materials that can be quickly cleaned and sanitized, our products help organizations reduce costs and extend the life of their purchase.

As a true partner who understands the unique needs of a business, we look forward to helping you design, specify, customize and install your next office furniture order. Contact us today.

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