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The Versatility and Diversity of Modern Office Cubicles – HM-582491

December 6, 2018 0 Comments
Custom Built Modern Office Cubicles For Sale Manufacturer Direct Means Lowest Prices Guraranteed

Since the open-plan “bullpen office” of the early 1900s, and even since the mid-1960s advent of Herman Miller’s and Robert Propst’s Action Office workstation—the prototype for today’s modern office cubicles—the office workstation has come a long way. Additionally, as it accounts for $3 billion dollars in annual sales, the cubicle doesn’t seem to be going […]

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Used Office Workstations – Refurbished by Jerry – Delivered for Free FR-12387

December 8, 2017 0 Comments
RE-Manufactured Office Workstation For Sale Factory Direct

If you are hiring new people or moving to a new location, Jerry can save you a lot of money by installing used office workstations that have been refurbished in his factory.   This facility, located in Northwest Houston, is the heart and soul of Cubiture.com.  Fully equipped for custom cubicles manufacturing, repair, and reconditioning, it […]

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