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June 10, 2019


When you’re making a decision as important as purchasing office furniture, make sure to consider luxury office furniture from Cubiture. When we think of things that are luxurious, we tend to think of things that are definitely more in the “want” category than in the “need” category. If you want to present a finer face to the public, then why not show it through your furniture?

One of the hallmark concepts of luxury office furniture is that comfort is deemed a high priority. Comfort is something you may feel when you’re at ease from the toils of the day, enjoying and indulging yourself. Plush materials and ornate structural elements help to convey this sense of indulgence. On the other hand, in the world of office furniture, comfort could mean something a bit different, and definitely not a lack of diligence.

Why not marry these two concepts of “comfort” in the form of luxury office furniture? When the average office employee spends at least eight hours a day at his or her individual workstation, going through the same motions all and every day, good posture and natural bodily movements become much more important in a worker’s daily life.

A lack of these things can slowly take a physical and a mental toll on the individual, leading to pains throughout the body as well as mental stress and fatigue. That’s why no matter what luxury office furniture you may decide to grace your office space with, ergonomically designed pieces are never out of style. Design elements that encourage these characteristics should be present in even the most luxury office furniture.

What’s more luxurious in an office space than furniture that can fit everyone who works in it? It shouldn’t matter if office workers are tall and slender, or short and stocky, large or petite—and chances are that there’s a little of each body type in a single given office. Whether it be chairs, cubicles, or other workstations, luxury office furniture makes it easy on people to operate or use.

Chairs should be able to fit a thinner individual and a heavier individual alike, as well as adjustable for all heights. Work surfaces should ideally accommodate height as well, in order to reduce any pain that collects in the neck and shoulders over days of bodily strain. You shouldn’t have to struggle to enter or simply navigate your cubicle.

Among luxury office furniture, seating elements can make the biggest statement in luxury, allowing you to relax amid cushioned, rich leathers or fine fabrics and supported by exotic and ornately carved wooden frames. However, given their heavy use, they can easily take the biggest beating, and that can be said for the quintessential office seating element, the office chair. It’s instrumental in building your workstation that you choose one that can be used for long periods of time.

Strong lumbar support and cushioning adjustable-height seats and armrests, and casters that make chair movement a breeze should all be key points in an ergonomically-designed office chair. Luxury office furniture is designed to help keep your movements graceful throughout the work days. You shouldn’t have to strain to grab an item off of your desk or stoop to read the words on your computer screen. Your legs shouldn’t be dangling off the seat because your feet can’t reach the floor.

Workspaces of your luxury office furniture shouldn’t be spared by this concept of comfort. Spaciousness is valuable for when you feel like spreading out, and though you may have more physical parameters, this can be said for your office to some extent. However, more focus should be given to how you organize the workflow of your company.

If you can manage to have a roomy and spacious desk without cramping your surroundings, it might save you a lot of headache in the long run. What happens when you don’t have sufficient storage space within your desk in the form of cabinets, shelving, and drawers? You’ll have to compromise your work surface space by balancing overflow documents and supplies on it.

That’s why it might be a good idea to pair your desk with other types of luxury office furniture. There are numerous ways to increase your organizational space, and it can be fun as well. Credenzas and hutches are always nice added touches to a workspace if space allows. There are also numerous variations on individual units of shelving, cabinets, and drawers, often combining these features into single pieces of furniture that can vary in size and finish to fit your office space.

When you know that you’ve met employees’ physical needs in terms of comfortable workspaces and ergonomically designed furnishings, why not move onto materials? We’re mainly visual creatures, and simple materials can say a lot to viewers. Luxury office furniture can still be luxury furniture in the use of materials you choose. Some areas of your office may be more on display than others, such as those that welcome clients and visitors.

A reception area can be a great first start to decking out your office in beautiful and fine elements. Vinyl can be a good choice for a waiting room or a lobby. It’s an easy-to-clean material that stays beautiful and classy even through spills from people bringing in drinks or from messes that young children can make.

Fabric is also a good, classic luxury office furniture covering, such as for seating cushions of workstation chairs or seating in break or lobby areas. Leather is also a classic, conveying a sense of sophistication among the higher executive positions in an office. This and rich woods tend to wow visitors when they enter executive office suites.

Luxury isn’t just one look. While a heavy, austere, and traditional look can be saved for the executives, employees might want to go for a lighter, breezier, and more modern touch in their luxury office furniture. The image above shows an inspiring workstation that’s visually dynamic while accommodating multiple aspects of an employee’s individual workflow.

Light wood finishes paired with white elements provide a fresh look that can enliven the senses and one’s workday. A simple work surface extends to bisect the workstation so as to provide a second space for a client or visitor during a meeting.

Freeing up storage space from the desk means complementing the office with other luxury office furniture elements to take on that job. The multi-level credenza can store documents and items in cubby holes and drawers while providing a well-lit surface of its own for ancillary daily tasks or display of personal items and electronic equipment. The deceptively simple hutch integrates overhead storage in the form of cabinets, open shelving, and a locker- or closet-like space.

The office chair is dynamic and adjustable in plush fabric, cushioned underneath for comfort and support. This workstation is a display of luxury office furniture that any employee would be proud of. Among the light and clean wood finishes, toe kicks, and lack of hardware, as well as efficient and fun use of storage space, this workstation gives the feeling of lightness and ease while standing firm as a fixture in a productive workplace.

At Cubiture, luxury office furniture can be both beautiful as well as functional. Give us a call for a free consultation to see how we can guide you in choosing the right furniture to give your office space a touch of class and sophistication. No matter what order you place, we always ship for free. Don’t hesitate to contact Cubiture today!

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