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January 3, 2018
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An investment in ergonomic office furniture is sure to pay off.  Employees will work longer and harder if they are comfortable and pain-free.  Multiple studies by OSHA and other government organizations have concluded that performance improves significantly when workers are comfortable.  Product quality improves, and worker attendance increases as fewer people take days off from work.  Turnover decreases over time, and companies experience an overall improvement in their bottom lines as morale hits an all-time high in the office.

Ergonomic furniture helps maximize employee productivity with designs that support the back, neck, and arms.  It also helps reduce the total number of movements made by the back, arms, wrists, and fingers.   As complex as all of this sounds, understanding ergonomics is not that hard.  You only need to understand the basics of posture to choose the furniture that is right for you.

Back Posture
While most of us associate back problems with heavy lifting, the reality is that many back pains are caused by improper back positioning.  Arching the back over in a “C” shape, or sitting slumped for long periods of time in a chair, can lead to muscle strain in both the upper and lower back.  Workers who experience back pains are constantly getting up to relieve the strain–losing valuable company time in the process.  People instinctively stand like this because the spine has a natural “S-Curve” to its shape.

Quality ergonomic office furniture chairs feature a backrest design that supports this S-curve shape.  They tilt in addition to adjusting to the desired angle.  This keeps the back upright in its natural shape for the entirety of the day.  Workers can now sit comfortably for 8 hours at a time without experience aches and pains.  Productivity and office morale naturally increase as a result.

Neck and Shoulder Positioning
 The neck is actually an extension of the spinal column, so it follows the “S-curvature” of the back.  Neck muscles become strained if you have to continuously turn your head to one side or the other to see what you are doing.  They can also become strained when you constantly tilt down your head to see your computer screen.

Cubiture's extensive and affordable line of ergonomic office furniture chairs features backrests with special neck supports that help you keep your chin up and your face looking forward.  These chairs are 8-hour rated and far less expensive than many of the 5-hour chairs you see at retail stores and cheap office furniture websites.

Arm Movements
Your body operates optimally within a “reach envelope.”  This envelope is the area that your arms travel in when you reach directly out to either side and bring them together in front of you.  The reason that you see so many ergonomic office furniture desks designed with a “U-shape” or an “L-shape” is because of this reach envelope.  If a cubicle desk is long and rectangular, as much as 40% of the total work surface can lie outside of this envelope, causing you to strain as you constantly leave over to grab items from your desk.

Arm, Wrist, and Hand Positioning
Your arms are most relaxed when they are hanging straight on either side.  When working, the next best position for your arm is a right angle, with your upper arm pointing downward and your forearm, wrist, and hands extending straight forward.  Both your chair and your desk must be ergonomically designed in order for you to work in this position.  Your chair must have adjustable armrests that allow you to set the proper height and angle for your forearms, and your desk surface must be even with the position of your armrest.

If you are having trouble finding a desking system and chair that work together in this way, just ask Jerry to build you one.  It will probably cost less than any desk you find in a catalog, and it will be warranted for parts and labor and delivered. We can build desks in our own factory that will fit any budget simply by constructing the systems from select materials that keep the overall cost of the item to a price you can always afford.

Pressure on Legs
Human legs developed to support a certain amount of pressure.  However, static pressure points can cause muscle and joint problems.  If your legs dangle, this actually puts a strain on the back of your knees.  If your seat is too low, your entire body weight concentrates on the seat and strain leg muscles in turn.  The best ergonomic office furniture chairs alleviate these pressure points by letting you adjust your seat height to set just enough pressure on the lower back and the lower legs.  Your knees are then at a right angle, and your feet are comfortably flat on the floor.

The Cubiture showroom, located at 10704 Telge Rd in Houston TX, is the best place to find ergonomic office furniture.  We have desks, chairs, and reception centers in traditional, transitional, and contemporary styles.  We also have unique items such as the increasingly popular “sit-stand” desks and cubicle systems built to enhance interior workspace with superior task lighting and sound masking options.  Call Jerry now, and schedule an appointment in our showroom. Contact us today.

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