How Can Churches Use Foldable Room Dividers?

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February 11, 2019


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Foldable room partitions play a key role in managing church growth. Church attendance has been on the rise for several years now, and communities experiencing economic growth are attracting hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of new residents per year. Churches in these communities often experience an exponential increase in attendance reflective of the growth of the surrounding community in general. Few have the funds to add to their physical structures, so even larger churches with an adjoining fellowship hall can end up bursting at the seams from an influx of new residents.

With all the challenges related to community expansion and relative church growth, many congregations have found that the best way to manage this growth is to subdivide existing space into special areas of ministry. The disciplines of teaching, prayer, counseling, and evangelism which form the core of the Christian experience can be all be carried out simultaneously in the same space simply be creating temporary rooms with these remarkable, portable room dividers.
Foldable room partitions allow churches to transform their auditoriums into special areas of ministry. During times leading up to a revival, for example, churches will often hold special prayer meetings for at least one week leading up to the arrival of the visiting evangelist. While parishioners are normally willing to meet in the main sanctuary for these meetings, sitting in traditional pews makes is awkward and uncomfortable for people to huddle in small groups. Small groups are much easier to form in a circle of chairs arranged together in a partitioned space insulates the group from surrounding noises and makes it easier for group members to focus on discussion and prayer.


These partitioned spaces can also be used for counseling, one-on-one evangelism, and Bible study during and after the revival. People who are visiting the church for the first time often feel more comfortable in such a setting because it lacks the formality of traditional worship services held in the main sanctuary. Churches who are looking to overcome the stereotypes associated with organized religion can use these partitioned spaces to create an atmosphere of acceptance, social bonding, and personal support that puts people at ease and overcomes their fear being judged. Special dinners, games, and musical performances can all be readily accommodated by foldable room partitions.

The accordion-shaped design of these dividers makes them easy to store after use. They are easy to collapse and carry away after an event or special services has concluded. They can be stacked on end in a storage closet, or they can be neatly collapsed and stored along with the back wall of an unused classroom, kitchen or utility room. Because they are lightweight, practically anyone can set them up in minutes prior to the start of a special service or social event.
The special frame design of our more popular models eliminates trip hazards, while level casters create a lower center of gravity that keeps partitions stable in their desired arrangements. Foldable room partitions can be quickly rearranged on a 360-degree swivel hinge if more than one event is being held on the same evening. Fiberglass construction provides a sound dampening effect that makes insulates interior spaces to a degree equivalent to that of physical walls.
Foldable room panels range in height from 4’ to 7’6”. Widths range from 8’6” to up to 25’ for floor mounted units and 30’6” for wall-mounted models. Key features include, but are not limited, to the following:

End units are full-sized, adding stability to all partition layouts.
Tackable panel options allow art, notes, and posters to be mounted to the surface.
Anodized aluminum hardware adds strength and durability to lightweight panels.
Seamless fit between panels eliminates possible pinch pointsDual wheel locking holds partitions in place

Cubiture is more than happy to provide any church with complimentary space plan drawings for churches who invest in foldable room partitions. These drawings can provide inspiration for various layouts that will directly support specific religious, social, and administrative activities.

Cubiture also offers free shipping throughout the lower 48 states and can provide addition furnishings for church offices, classrooms, and counseling centers. Foldable room partitions are available in a variety of colors, adding decor in addition to their practical function. Call Jerry now, and make the most of your existing space as your church grows and new ministry opportunities emerge in service to your community.


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