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February 26, 2018
Quality Discounted Medical, Clinic & Hospital Stacking Chairs For Sale - Buy Direct From The Manufacturer To Save Money Today!

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Hospital stacking chairs are ideal for small, county hospitals in rural areas.  These facilities must use most of their square footage for surgical rooms, intensive care, and patient recovery.  Places like waiting rooms, dining areas, and staff offices are often much smaller than those found in major cities.  This is normally not a problem in towns with small populations where only a fraction of an already sparse population is hospitalized at any given time.  However, during those times when sickness approaches epidemic proportions, hospitals in small towns can fill up almost overnight.  Waiting areas turn into standing room only, adding discomfort to emotions that are already under stress.

Your patients do not have to suffer at such times if you invest in hospital stacking chairs.  Cubiture has several lines of these chairs that can be moved into a crowded waiting room in a matter of minutes.  Although they are portable and typically used only for temporary seating, they are built with the same level of hygienic control found in our permanent waiting room seating selection.  Additional, optional moisture barriers can add an extra layer of protection, and heat sealed seams prevent infectious agents from getting into seat backs and cushions.  We also have models that feature tamper proof fasteners designed to prevent mental health patients from vandalizing the furnishings or hiding contraband inside chairs.

Because these chairs are designed to be moved, they feature wall saver legs that protect baseboards if they are pushed against the wall.  The armrests are simple, featuring a flat profile design that makes it easy for people to grip when sitting down or standing up.  Chairs also feature stylish, curved legs designed for greater stability.  Some lines offer multiple seat widths (including bariatric), while others offer two choices in back construction.  Call us today to discuss your overflow seating requirements, and we will provide a free space plan drawing that will help guide your purchasing.

Medical Stacking Chairs – FREE Quote 713-412-0900

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